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12 Favorite Comfort Foods

Written by: the Editors of goop


Updated on: January 26, 2023


Comfort food is both universal and specific. Particular dishes connect us to our memories, family, culture, and community. We picked a few favorites that always manage to make us feel a little better. We hope you take a moment to slow down and enjoy a nourishing bowl of congee, some plump and pillowy tortellini, a really good chocolate chip cookie—or anything that warms you.

  • Ginger-Chicken Congee

    Ginger-Chicken Congee

    It doesn’t get more comforting than congee. This is our take on the Chinese rice porridge (you’ll see versions of it in many Asian countries). Don’t skip the crispy shallots—in fact, make extra, because you’ll want to sprinkle them on everything.


  • Crockpot Veggie Chili

    Crockpot Veggie Chili

    This chili, inspired by the one in GP’s first cookbook, gets a little added sweetness and lovely texture from sweet potato. It’s popular with kids and adults alike.


  • Gluten-Free Mac ’n’ Cheese

    Gluten-Free Mac ’n’ Cheese

    Finding a good gluten-free version of mac ’n’ cheese can be tough. In this recipe, we use brown rice pasta instead of wheat, and arrowroot powder to thicken the cheese sauce. It’s delicious.


  • Turkey Ragu

    Turkey Ragu

    Cooks slowly and gets a deep, layered flavor. You won’t miss the red meat at all. It also keeps well in the fridge.


  • Three-Cheese Tortellini en Brodo

    Three-Cheese Tortellini en Brodo

    You may have dreams after about a warm bowl of aromatic broth filled with pillowy cheese tortellini. The tender pasta dough, creamy ricotta, garlicky broth, and salty Parmesan combine to make an incredible bite.


  • Cheddar and Horseradish Tartines

    Cheddar and Horseradish Tartines

    Cheddar, spicy horseradish, and tangy mustard: the ultimate grilled cheese.


  • Crockpot Green Chicken Pozole

    Crockpot Green Chicken Pozole

    Simultaneously light and comforting, this Mexican stew is great for lunch or dinner any time of year. The spice is pretty subtle, but if you’re making it for little kids, you may want to cut back to one jalapeño.


  • Crockpot Chana Masala

    Crockpot Chana Masala

    We like this Indian-inspired vegetarian chickpea dish for a family dinner. It’s easy to prepare, the ingredients don’t break the bank, and it’s packed with protein, fiber, and iron (if you add the spinach).


  • Roasted Kabocha Soup

    Roasted Kabocha Soup

    This warming winter soup has a good kick of ginger.


  • Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Adapted from Tate’s recipe, this is the best, simplest chocolate chip cookie. We bake ours a few minutes less, keeping them chewy in the middle.


  • Matcha Ice Cream

    Matcha Ice Cream

    If you like matcha, you’ll love this creamy treat. It’s made with a classic custard base and sweetened with coconut sugar.


  • Crockpot Apple Cobbler

    Crockpot Apple Cobbler

    A cobbler in the crockpot may sound odd, but this dessert will make you a believer. And the crispy edges, buttery cobbler topping, and subtly sweet apple filling just might make this your new favorite dessert.