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Activated Charcoal Chai—and 3 Other Wellness Drinks That Actually Taste Fantastic

We’re big fans of ingestible wellness around here, so when activated-charcoal lemonade and unicorn lattes started popping up in our Instagram feeds and at our local cafés, we were intrigued. Determined to create our own delicious versions of these superfood beverages, we took a trip to LA health-food mecca Erewhon, to stock up on supplies. (We also talked to nutritionist Shira Lenchewski for a breakdown of the health benefits and any potential dangers associated with the buzzy new ingredients.)

Several weeks—and several failed attempts later (figuring out how to balance the mossy taste of chlorella or the intense grassiness of liquid chlorophyll is no easy feat) we emerged triumphant. Here are our four, goop-staff-obsession wellness drinks that will not only make you feel great, but also taste pretty damn fantastic, too.

Wellness Drinks

  • Activated Charcoal Chai

    Activated Charcoal Chai

    With ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and honey, this soothing drink is the perfect vehicle for activated charcoal powder, when you need it.

    SHIRA SAYS: “Charcoal works like a super absorbent sponge, so it can be helpful when you’d really like the contents of your GI tract to GTFO. Some people also take charcoal for bloating, but recreational charcoal use comes with some serious caveats. The issue is that while charcoal can certainly usher out not-so-great stuff, it can also bind to nutrients and meds, making them difficult to absorb. Likewise, it’s important to avoid taking charcoal within two hours of meds, vitamins or other supplements with at least 8 oz of water (ideally on an empty stomach).”


  • Blue Majik Woman

    Blue Majik Woman

    The bright tropical flavors of coconut and passion fruit are the perfect match to the natural earthiness of the blue majik. This spritzer is so refreshing you’ll want to sip it by the pool for some self care that feels good and is good for you too.

    SHIRA SAYS: “Aside from from being a decent source of plant protein, E3 live algae, a liquid form of blue-green algae is a seriously potent free-radical scavenger. Wild blue-green algae only grows in a couple places in the world, with the main source in the US coming from a super pristine lake in Oregon. If you’re going to pull the trigger, make sure it’s coming from a trusted source, because under the wrong conditions this algae can not only lose its benefits, but can actually become harmful.”


  • Chlorophyll Wellness Shot

    Chlorophyll Wellness Shot

    Yes, this ginger-spiked chlorophyll shot is seriously spicy, but it’s also full of immunity-boosting ingredients and helps cleanse your body. We like to juice a bunch of ginger at the beginning of the week, but if you don’t have a juicer, use a microplane to grate a 1-inch piece of peeled ginger, then squeeze out the liquid. You can also find fresh ginger juice at select health food stores. If you can’t find monk fruit, just skip it.

    SHIRA SAYS: “Chlorophyll works like a deep cleaning agent in the body. In fact it’s often used as a natural deodorizer. Since chlorophyll is what makes green veggies (and algae) green, you’re getting it anytime you’re eating those things, but of course a liquid supplement is extra concentrated.”


  • Pina Chlor-ada

    Pina Chlor-ada

    The pineapple and mint in this smoothie are not only the perfect foil for the chlorella, but they are super energizing, making this the ultimate way to wake up. We like using frozen fruit instead of ice to keep the smoothie from getting watered down.

    SHIRA SAYS: “Chlorella is a type of green algae that’s loaded with chlorophyll. In fact, it’s one of the highest sources of any plant out there.”