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A Work Week’s Worth of Meals You Can Actually Prep Ahead of Time

Charged with putting all of the pieces of goop together—and keeping them that way—office manager Heaven Saunders also takes classes at night (she gets her graduate degree in communication this May), maintains a packed social calendar and travel schedule (her boo lives in Copenhagen), and is the unanimously named life of the company/any party. But, yes, she’s also one of those people who still manages to find time to cook, and you can’t dislike her for it—partly because she always makes extra, and, importantly, shares her leftovers. Heaven has made a regular thing of cooking a week’s worth of meals on Sunday (cue: Solange’s Seat at the Table) to last her, plus some regular guests. “I love sitting down at the table with friends and family,” says Heaven, who admits to being biased: “I rarely try a recipe that hasn’t come from the goop test kitchen.” Which means she’s made a lot from the goop archives—but here are a few of her tried-and-true favorites:

Heaven's Picks

  • Lentils with Salmon & Grilled Radicchio

    Lentils with Salmon & Grilled Radicchio

    “This dinner dish was a no-brainer for me. Originally featured in our 2017 annual goop detox, I was drawn to how easy this was to prep. Aside from calling upon things I already had in my pantry like bone broth, lentils, and balsamic vinaigrette, I love breaking out my grill pan and preparing salmon this way. Though the recipe only serves one, you can double up the portion and it becomes a great date-night dinner. It’s easy enough for a weeknight, and special enough for the weekend. (Just make sure you bring the vinegar to the table for extra drizzles!)”


  • Miso Sweet Potato Collard Wrap

    Miso Sweet Potato Collard Wrap

    “You can find me at the nearest Asian market picking up Japanese sweet potatoes for this super refreshing lunch on a regular basis. (I go to Marukai.) I can’t get enough of the natural creaminess of Japanese sweet potatoes. Paired with crunchy scallion and cucumber, this collard wrap is seriously next level. It’s surprisingly light, refreshing, and filling all at the same time. I made this wrap for my roommates, and it was really fun showing them how to put it all together.”


  • Parmesan and Thyme Cheese Straws

    Parmesan and Thyme Cheese Straws

    “I needed a quick appetizer to bring to our coworker Megan’s Oscars party, and these cheese straws were such a hit. Adding fresh thyme (I have a plant in my garden) makes all the difference. Set them out at a party and watch how fast they disappear!”


  • I’m All Artichoke-d Up

    I’m All Artichoke-d Up

    “With spring ingredients like artichoke and leeks, this soup is my ‘me-meal.’ (A goop-y fact: Did you know artichoke is a liver cleanser?!) I like to make this for myself and eat it while reading the #goopbookclub pick, or during a Netflix binge.”