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A Chef on Two Ways to Cook with Avocado (Hint: It’s Not on Toast)

Chef Seamus Mullen (Tertulia, El Comado) is one of the healthiest-looking people we know. But until recently, he was anything but: Mullen lived the stereotypical life of a star chef—long hours, late nights, lots of stress, and a diet full of sugar and carbs. He knew that his body was seriously struggling (he’d been battling rheumatoid arthritis—a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease—for years, and was regularly in and out of emergency rooms), but it took a near-death experience for him to finally change his life.

After recovering from his last and most serious stint in the hospital (he was admitted with a fever of 106 and barely survived), Mullen was ready to clean up his lifestyle; step one was changing his relationship with food. He’d mastered technique and flavor, but in order to repair his broken body, he focused on the healing power of food. After a complete diet overhaul (no dairy, refined sugar, factory-farmed meat, gluten, or grains), an increase in routine exercise, and a focus on functional medicine, he managed to make a complete 180, eliminating trips to the emergency room altogether, exhibiting zero biomarkers of his disease, and overall feeling great.

In his new book, Real Food Heals, Mullen chronicles his journey back to health, and provides all the delicious and wholesome recipes that helped get him there. They’re all incredible, but since we’re avocado fiends over here (#sorrynotsorry), we started with his two favorite avocado recipes. Both taste and look as if they came straight from one of his amazing restaurants, but we promise they’re easy enough for any home cook.

Avocado, Two Ways