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4 Ways to Preserve That Are Easier Than You Think

What you can preserve with the help of sugar (tart-sweet grapefruit-orange marmalade), salt (umami-packed salt-cured egg yolks), fat (intoxicatingly fragrant garlic confit), and vinegar (addictively snackable quick-pickled green beans) is pretty limitless. And all of it’s much simpler than you might think.

  • Salt-Cured Egg Yolk

    Salt-Cured Egg Yolk

    This is absolutely delicious as a dairy-free Parmesan substitute. Extracting the water from the yolk concentrates the fat, and the curing process really brings out the umami flavor. We like it grated over pastas, salads, and risottos or blended into to dressings to add creaminess.


  • Pickled Green Beans

    Pickled Green Beans

    Pickling is a great way to keep seasonal vegetables on hand all year round. This simple recipe is really versatile—so it can be used for many different types of hearty produce, like okra, cucumbers, zucchini, and onions.


  • Grapefruit-Orange Marmalade

    Grapefruit-Orange Marmalade

    The key to any marmalade is the balance between tart and sweet. The addition of grapefruit here gives a fragrant floral note, and our favorite way to serve it is on buttery toast, swirled into yogurt, or on a warm muffin.


  • Garlic Confit

    Garlic Confit

    Adding garlic confit to just about anything will make it taste better. The olive oil makes the garlic rich and buttery, and the garlic makes the olive oil full and bright. We love the garlic-infused olive oil in dressings or marinades, and the garlic cloves are a dream smashed into toasted baguette (or again, truly, just about anything).