Healthy, Edible Gifts That Your Host Will Actually Want

Something homemade and delicious is a practically foolproof formula for holiday host gifts. We’ve picked some of our all-time favorite healthy, goop-y recipes for a delightful present to give (or get). Pair them with something from our gift guides, or wrap them up on their own—either way, any host will be thrilled.

  • Detox Truffles

    Detox Truffles

    These raw, three-ingredient truffles (from our GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY book) are the perfect bite to satisfy your detoxing sweet tooth. We recommend making a double batch and keeping them in the fridge so you’re always ready to combat those cookie cravings.


  • Reishi Chocolate Almonds

    Reishi Chocolate Almonds

    These delicious little morsels—which are stupid-easy to whip up—make the perfect afternoon snack or a post-dinner treat. A tip: Use dark chocolate with at least 70 or 80 percent cacao.


  • Almond-Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut

    Almond-Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut

    This delicious, guilt-free cookie comes from our friends at Kitchen Mouse in LA. They recommend adjusting sweetness by adding (or subtracting) the maple syrup.


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