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The Shake Off: Two Takes on the Gin and Tonic


A good cocktail doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, according Sam Ross, the man behind the lauded bar program at The Dorsey at Las Vegas’ Venetian hotel (you may also know him from NYC’s Attaboy), it shouldn’t be. A pioneer of the craft cocktail movement, Ross is known for putting his own seemingly simple-yet-perfectly-balanced twist on classics. So we asked him to share his version of a gin and tonic—one of the most iconic summer cocktails out there (and, unsurprisingly, one of our warm weather go-tos).

To make things a bit more interesting, we also asked Bethany Ham, bar director at LA’s secret speakeasy Birds and Bee’s, for her G&T interpretation. Both recipes are easy to make and endlessly drinkable, so you’ll likely need a second round before deciding on a winner…

Shake It Off

  • Chinatown Rickey

    Chinatown Rickey

    “This is a lovely little alternative to a gin and tonic if you don’t mind shaking something real quickly. The Sherry adds a wonderful nutty, dry quality to the drink any the fresh mint and lime scream refreshment.”


  • Pacific Cooler

    Pacific Cooler

    “This is a lower ABV (alcohol by volume) option for summer. Instead of 2 ounces of gin, I split it into 1 ounce of local Los Angeles gin and 1 ounce of Lillet Rose aperitif wine. The strawberries make all those berry and fruit lillet notes pop, while the orange zest rounds out all the lovely spice notes of the gin.”