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The Hanukkah Table: goop-Tested, Bubbe-Approved

The Hanukkah Table:
goop-Tested, Bubbe-Approved

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Roasted root vegetables with a side of challah. Latkes (the kale and zucchini kind, because goop), sour cream, and mulled wine. Brisket. Hanukkah food is comfort food. And what’s better than eight (eight!) days of family-friendly, soul-warming, lick-your-plate-clean meals? Not much. Except possibly a few hours later when the menorah candles burn down, the kids fall asleep, and you get to sink into the couch and turn on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. (Season two drops on December 5, so now’s your chance to catch up.) It’s an evening of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s brilliant dialogue, dressed up in some of the best costume design we’ve ever seen, and brought to life by a cast of characters that…just trust. You can’t turn away from these people. Happy Hanukkah, indeed.

  • Maple-Dijon Roasted Winter Vegetables

    Maple-Dijon Roasted Winter Vegetables

    Sure, you can just roast vegetables with olive oil and salt, but the maple syrup and Dijon really elevate the dish. Kids love these.


  • Zucchini Kale Latkes

    Zucchini Kale Latkes

    This super savory veggie-filled version of classic latkes was a real hit at goop HQ. It has everything you love about latkes (potatoes), and the crisp kale edges are so good. Slather on some chive sour cream and enjoy!


  • Slow Cooker Brisket

    Slow Cooker Brisket

    Cooking brisket in the slow cooker is brilliant—flavorful sauce, meltingly tender beef, and very little effort. And since braised meat only gets better as it sits, we recommend making this the day before you’re going to serve it. Simply trim off the excess fat and blend the sauce in advance, then slice and reheat just before serving.


  • Challah


    We convinced goop staffer Melissa to share her family’s famous challah recipe, which her mom makes every Friday night. It’s definitely a labor of love (it proofs for 3½ hours total), but it’s actually a great bread for novices, as the dough is pretty forgiving and the result is seriously impressive. This makes 2 loaves, but any leftovers make excellent French toast.


  • Mulled Wine

    Mulled Wine

    Keep this mulled wine on the stove all season long!