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The goop x Net-a-Porter Summer Dinner

It’s become an annual goop tradition to throw a big dinner party in the Hamptons, and this year was no exception: We teamed up with Net-a-Porter—one of our very first partners when we were both fully based in the UK—to celebrate summer, #fempire companies, and NAP’s same-day delivery service in the Hamptons. Stefanie Cove pulled off a stunning event, with flowers from Fleurs, the Carte Blanche Band, and, like in years past, some insane food from Cloud Catering. Speaking of the food, we’ve simplified some of their recipes for us home cooks—and whipped up a handful of easy alternatives for summer entertaining (see here for apps, and here for pitcher cocktails).

  • Fleurs NYC nailed the hydrangea-centric arrangements.

  • A pretty rad NAP keychain, plus even more rad menus and calligraphy care of Julie Song Ink.

  • Stefanie Cove sourced vintage silver napkin rings.

  • Jennifer Fisher and Athena Calderone.

  • Gregg Lemkau and Tony Florence.

  • GP & Net-a-Porter’s VP Global Buying Director, Sarah Rutson.

  • The one and only Blythe Danner.

  • Clare Vivier.

  • Cynthia Rowley and her stunning daughter, Kit.

  • Accordion times with The Carte Blanche Band.

  • Kimberly Kravis, Heather Mnuchin, and Amy Griffin.

  • GP and goop CEO, Lisa Gersh.

  • Crystal Meers.

  • The inestimable Molly Sims.

  • An insanely delicious vegetable surprise.

  • The sun around which every party revolves.

  • Kind of too pretty to eat.

  • Anne Kwon Keane and goop’s own Kim K.

  • Joe Zee and Rob Younkers. 

  • We clean up ok. #thegoopgang 

  • Nasiba Alidova.

  • Net-a-Porter’s Sarah Rutson and her gorgeous daughter, Eliza.

  • GP and Jessica Seinfeld.

  • Net-a-Porter’s Lupe Puerta.

  • A Stephen and Elisa Summers sandwich.

Photographs by Hannah Thomson

The Cloud Catering Recipes

  • Blood Orange Vodka & Tonic

    Blood Orange Vodka & Tonic

    Blood orange adds great flavor and color to a classic vodka and tonic. If, you know, you don’t happen to have an immersion circulator and/or the time to make your own blood orange-infused vodka, use 1 ounce vodka and 3/4 ounces solerno blood orange liqueur.

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  • American Mule

    American Mule

    Using Tito’s Texas-made vodka gives this an American twist on the classic Moscow mule.

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  • Ahi Tartare with Spicy Mayo

    Ahi Tartare with Spicy Mayo

    The tamarind and date jam is rather involved and requires a pressure cooker, but if you substitute with a good-quality store-bought date or fig jam, these hors d’hoeuvres are actually pretty easy to put together. And SO good.

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  • Shabazi Chicken with Grilled Cabbage

    Shabazi Chicken with Grilled Cabbage

    Pretty, delicious, and easy to prep, these are kind of the perfect app.

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  • Butter-Poached Lobster on Toasted Brioche

    Butter-Poached Lobster on Toasted Brioche

    The beurre blanc in this recipe is so rich and decadent, but it’s also a little temperamental. If you want to simplify, finish each with a little melted butter and a squeeze of lemon instead.

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  • Goat Cheese & Zucchini Bundles

    Goat Cheese & Zucchini Bundles

    Simple ingredients sometimes make the best dishes, and these little hors d’oeuvres are no exception. These can be a little time-consuming to assemble, so prep them before guests arrive.

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  • Summer Tomato Salad with Burrata-Stuffed Squash Blossom

    Summer Tomato Salad with Burrata-Stuffed Squash Blossom

    We were slightly overwhelmed by the idea of making our own burrata and smoking our own tomatoes, so we opted to simplify this salad a tad. While not as complex as the original, this is still a showstopper of a summer salad.

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A Huge Thanks To…

Stefanie Cove, Hannah Thomson, Elan Artists, Fleurs, Cloud Catering, Julie Song Ink, Tiny Pine Press, Luminous Designs, Small Masterpiece, and Moet & Chandon.