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The Bondi Harvest Summer Grilling Guide

Photograph by Mark AlstonGuy Turland initially caught the attention of the foodie crowd with his Tastemade cooking show, where he shares recipes inspired by his surf-centric lifestyle, meaning that the meals are healthy, filling, and can usually be replicated on the road or at the beach. To expand operations, he launched a cookbook and two cafes, one in Bondi Beach, Australia and a second in Santa Monica. We tapped Guy for some game-changing summer grilling tips and BBQ-friendly recipes that work just as well for a quickie weeknight dinner as they do for a big backyard bash.

BBQ Tips


Preheat your BBQ before guests arrive so when it comes to cooking time, your griddle is firing hot and ready to char and caramelize your meat, fish, or veggies. A hot BBQ also keeps the moisture inside and will prevent your meat from sticking to the grill.

Temperature Control (Direct and Indirect Heat)

When it comes to a BBQ, there are two kinds of heat: direct on one side and indirect on the other. Direct heat means the meat is directly over the flame, while indirect heat means the meat is off to the side and the heat is transferring from the direct side of the BBQ. First, use the direct-heated side to get a delicious char, color, and caramelization, then slowly finish your meat on the gentler heat of the indirect side. This will result in a tender finish.

Quality Is Key

Quality equals flavor. By making the choice to buy grass-fed beef, fresh seafood, free-range chicken, and organic and seasonal vegetables, the food will speak for itself.

Don’t Cook Cold

Never cook anything directly out of the refrigerator. Letting your produce and meat come to room temperature before BBQ’ing means it will cook evenly and quickly.


After cooking, always let your meat rest on a clean platter, wrapped in foil for about 10 minutes before carving. Letting the meat rest will allow the juices to redistribute evenly and ultimately make it tastier.

  • Summer Watermelon and Ceviche Salad

    Summer Watermelon and Ceviche Salad

    My watermelon ceviche salad is a celebration of summer and homage to my #1 chef rule: Fresh is best. Citrus-marinated fish, coconut, chilled watermelon, and garden herbs fold together to create a healthy, flavor-packed salad with more colors than a Venice sunset. It’s one of my favorite ways to serve fresh seafood and requires nothing more than a chopping board and a bowl. The fish actually cooks and tenderizes in the marinade’s acidic citrus juices, making it melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

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  • Whole BBQ Pulled Fish with Buckwheat Wraps, Tabasco Kale Salad, and Yogurt Tartar Sauce

    Whole BBQ Pulled Fish with Buckwheat Wraps, Tabasco Kale Salad, and Yogurt Tartar Sauce

    Don’t be intimidated by cooking whole fish this summer. It’s super simple and the end result is well worth stepping outside of your comfort zone. Cooking fish whole will always result in a more succulent, tender, and flaky, flavor-filled fish, making it perfect for your BBQ. Not to mention whole fish is often a lot cheaper and fresher than filleted fish.

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  • Buckwheat Stuffed Peppers with Tahini Dressing

    Buckwheat Stuffed Peppers with Tahini Dressing

    Still to this day, it blows my mind how char-grilling peppers with nothing more than olive oil, salt, and pepper intensifies the flavor and aroma. This flavor bomb is the result of the heat drawing out natural sugars—these sugars then caramelize on the skin, resulting in color, char, and an intense flavor.

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  • Honey-Grilled Stone Fruit with Berry Whip

    Honey-Grilled Stone Fruit with Berry Whip

    Healthy and perfect for both breakfast and dessert, this is the perfect balance of textures and flavor: sweet, sour, creamy, hot, and cold—and best of all, guilt-free. This recipe works with any fresh fruit, so mix it up and work with what’s in season.

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Photographer: Ryan Robert Miller
Food Stylist: Caroline Hwang