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Team goop’s Party Playlists

Good music is really the unsung hero of every party—it’s also the last thing a host wants to think about when guests are showing up and the food’s not finished. Below, the unofficial DJs of #goophq share the playlists they rely on in the entertaining-heavy summer months—with options for every taste and vibe.

  • Director of Product Management Alex Baillargeon's Rosé-Soaked Playlist

    “Best served poolside, turned up loud, with a bottle (or 5) of rosé, this is the perfect soundtrack for wasting those long summer days away—tropical, sun-drenched, and unmistakably out-of-office. Some standouts: “Fast Car”, since the only thing better than Tracy Chapman is a Tracy Chapman cover with beach vibes; “Kicks – Tobtok Remix” which is finally an upbeat breakup, moving-on song; “The Longest Drive”, and anything by VHS Collection, really—they’re my latest indie obsession. This mix is also prime material for a top-down afternoon drive along the ocean, should the opportunity present itself.”
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  • Beauty Director Jean Godfrey June's Un-Millennial Playlist

    “I am THE WORST when it comes to thinking of music I love, but these songs do all put me in a decidedly celebratory mood. I never really have to think about what to play because my boyfriend has amazing, exhaustive musical taste and always plays something fantastic I’ve never heard before. (He wrote Surface to Air’s “Metanzas” on this list).”
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  • Social Media Editor Jasmin Perez's A-Little-Bit-Country Playlist

    “While this playlist isn’t quite right for a major party night, it’s the perfect lineup for those chill evenings with a few friends (and maybe a glass of Tennessee whiskey). There’s something for everyone—folk, country, bluegrass, rock—with classics like “Honky Tonk Woman” by The Rolling Stones, “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)” by Loretta Lynn, “Glory Hallelujah” by Brian Wright, and if you’re really into bluegrass, there’s Old Crow Medicine Show—everyone knows them from “Wagonwheel,” but the rest of their songs are just as good.”
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  • Photo Editor Jenny Westerhoff's Palm Springs Playlist

    “I made this playlist for our girls weekend trip to Palm Springs; it’s a mix of classic party songs that make you want to dance, a few nostalgia-inducing tunes, plus some chill poolside-party picks. It’s also the perfect on-set playlist that keeps everyone motivated. My favorite songs on it are “Pata Pata” by Miriam Makeba (impossible not to dance to); “Ignition Remix” by R Kelly, because duh; and “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac because no playlist is complete without them. I think a good mix should have all the crowd pleasers and the low-brow, but infectious tunes that get everyone asking who the artist is–I love turning people on to new artists.”
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