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Leftover Turkey

This year we have added a succulent slow roasted turkey recipe to the repertoire along with a gorgeous recipe for gnocchi from the divine Ruthie Rogers and her peeps at The River Café. When we were doing the recipe testing we were left with so much turkey, we decided to address an age-old problem…what do we do with all of it? We came up with two absolutely delicious ways to turn your extra bird into lunch and dinner over the weekend that are far from the ordinary sandwich.

Love, gp

  • Thanksgiving Gnocchi

    Thanksgiving Gnocchi

    The great Ruthie Rogers shared a recipe with us from The River Café Classic Italian Cook Book. She does hers with pumpkin but we thought we would try sweet potato—it turned out beautifully. Ruthie and Rose Gray also suggest melted butter and sage.

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  • Slow Roasted Turkey

    Slow Roasted Turkey

    A very simple, juicy and delicious way to cook the bird, while offering something slightly different. We used a small turkey (about 8½ pounds), but the method remains the same however large your bird.

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  • Molé Sauce

    Molé Sauce

    Adapted from my favorite contributor, Lee Gross, who transforms leftovers like no one else. This recipe calls for lots of ingredients, but it’s actually quite simple—serve with guacamole and tortillas.

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  • Turkey Reuben

    Turkey Reuben

    Not your grandpa’s reuben… substitute what would normally be pastrami with leftover turkey and you have a heavenly slice of old New York.

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