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Jemma Wilson’s holiday survival tips

Jemma Wilson's holiday survival tips

Co-Founder, Crumbs & DoiliesJemma Wilson started her bakery, Crumbs & Doilies, out of her mom’s kitchen 8 years ago, turned it into a successful business with her partner Sam Bishop, built a wonderful team that produces cakes and cupcakes so artful that they put Ace of Cakes to shame, makes baking look easy for Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube, and is opening her first shop in London—just off Carnaby Street—in about a week. Oh, and she’s also hosting a Christmas dinner and a New Year’s Eve party.

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    Invest in a good hand cream. You’re going to be working really hard and no doubt you will be roped into doing a lot of dish washing over the holidays. I use Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm with mandarin rind, rosemary leaf, and cedar wood atlas. It smells amazing and it stops my hands from chapping and cracking in the cold weather, too.

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    If you live in London, get a Liberty Loyalty card and buy all your Christmas presents there, racking up the points so that in the Spring you get your gift voucher and treat YOURSELF! Everyone’s a winner.

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    I like to get my fringe [that’s British for bangs] trimmed a little bit shorter than normal a couple of weeks before Christmas so that by the time it rolls around, my hair has grown to optimum length and I don’t have to rush around in a mad panic trying to get a hairdresser to squeeze me in over the holidays. I might look like an art student for a couple of weeks but come Christmas it’s just right!

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    I am opening my first ever shop two weeks before Christmas and Christmas Day is my only day off, so, to prevent myself from getting totally stressed out about travel, I have invited my family to come to me for Christmas. This might sound crazy, but, even though I will be taking on the mighty task of being host and chef, I don’t have to waste valuable hours traveling to and fro when I could be spending that time in my slippers cuddling my dog, Curtis!

    Curtis and his main squeeze, Flo.