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How to Survive the Holidays

When you have a moment to yourself
(on a plane, on a walk, while cleaning up), listen to

Excuses Begone!

by Wayne Dyer

My very successful girlfriend swears by this audiobook. It’s a good read to get ready and make some changes for the New Year.

And when your mother-in-law has finally succeeded in driving you up the wall, here are two humorous favorites to take the edge off


by Tina Fey

Sometimes I feel like a nut

by Jill Kargman

When you’re ready for a drink

Brandy Alexander

Brandy Alexander

It’s like drunk ice cream.

Get Recipe

And, if you’re planning on spending some serious time in the kitchen

Bought, Borrowed & Stolen

by Allegra McEvedy

More than a cookbook, this is a scrapbook of Allegra McEvedy’s culinary travels through no less than 20 countries. Divided geographically, with several highlight recipes from each place, the recipes are all easy to make and still very distinctive to the place where they are from. Beyond the recipes, and Allegra’s very personal accounts on each place, the layout is simply fantastic and that makes for a very special book.

Martha’s Entertaining

by Martha Stewart

This is a tome of almost biblical proportions on the subject of entertaining for any time of year and on any occasion. In the book we’re invited into the places where Martha entertains most, at home in Bedford and in Maine, and at friends’ houses. As usual, Martha Stewart reaches that singular combination of personal and practical for her trademark pitch perfect entertaining.

The Sweet Life

by Sam Talbot

Because of his lifelong struggle with diabetes, Sam Talbot – who we know and love from Top Chef and from the wonderful Surf Lodge in Montauk – is a pioneer in cooking healthy meals that rank low on the glycemic index. This is a handbook on how to make fun, easy and extremely healthy food for the entire family – and enjoy it while you’re at it. This is a great one for parents looking for simple and healthy recipes for their kids.

The PDT Cocktail Book

by Jim Meehan

Our friend Jim Meehan, of one of our favorite bars in NYC – PDT(featured in our app) – has come out with his guide to cocktails. They are guaranteed to be delicious. Also, check out our festive cocktails newsletter from a few years ago to see the recipes he came up with for us then.

Momofuku Milk Bar

by Christina Tosi

Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC is the place to get the most inventive, original and yet familiar desserts. Head chef Christina Tosi is a major sugar addict who creates nostalgic recipes that are simultaneously modern. Cereal milk is one of her ice-cream flavors. She uses cornflakes in her cookies. In short, Tosi taps into our most familiar childhood cravings and makes something new with them. Warning: you’re going to need some serious time to achieve her results, but it’s worth it.

Eleven Madison Park

by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara

The cookbook for one of New York’s most elegant venues is correspondingly chic. More than a cookbook, and a great one at that, it’s a coffee table book with Francesco Tonelli’s very sleek and modern photography that matches the caliber of the food. Quite simply a beautiful book.

The Family Meal

by Ferran Adrià

Traditionally, “The Family Meal” is the meal that the staff at a restaurant takes a break to make and enjoy to fuel a night of more cooking. It’s an honor to be invited behind the scenes of the legendary El Bulli where 75 staff members ate a family meal every day until the restaurant closed its doors this past summer. A completely visual book, with few instructions and a lot of very illuminating photos for each step of the way. One of the coolest and most innovative cookbooks in a long time.

Modernist Cuisine

by Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young and Maxine Billet

This six volume collection is not exactly a cookbook, it’s more like a science textbook/encyclopedia of cooking terms/cookbook/definitive guide to the techniques and ingredients that define Molecular Gastronomy. It’s not exactly for home chefs (unless you have a centrifuge and an evaporator lying around) but it is a fascinating read with beautiful photography.