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10 Ways to Have the Coziest Winter Break

Photo courtesy of Michelle Janeen

10 Ways to Have the Coziest Winter Break

In partnership with our friends at Drinkworks®

Congratulations! You’ve completed the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas marathon—the work deadlines, the gift shopping, the menu planning, the get-togethers with old friends you see exactly once a year. It’s time to shift into neutral. You have one blissful week between Christmas and New Year’s Day when the demands of the outside world fade to mute and you can just…be. We’ve rounded up the best ways to make the most of this blessed hiatus.


Bar None

Celebratory drinks are synonymous with the season. But you’ve got a full house, and grandpa wants a whiskey sour, and cousin Alice wants a cosmopolitan, and your mother-in-law won’t drink anything but a mai tai. Make them all happy without stocking a full bar’s worth of spirits and mixers. The Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig applies the company’s coffee-drink philosophy to cocktails, delivering premium concoctions on demand.


Glass Act

You’ve made each guest exactly the drink they want, and you did it perfectly. Drinks like this deserve nothing less than the finest crystal, hand-cut in England.


Press Play

Slip on these acupressure rings to stimulate Hegu, the point associated with pain relief in TCM, for help with occasional minor headaches. No guarantee for those induced by in-laws.


Go-To Pieces

There’s something meditative and supremely satisfying about putting together a jigsaw puzzle, whether you’re doing it by yourself or with a crew. Add a roaring fire, bottomless hot cocoa, and a soundtrack of your favorite holiday songs for the perfect lazy vacation afternoon.


Fully Booked

It’s around this time when we convince ourselves that, before January 1, we can read every book on every best-of-2019 list. Start with Bryan Washington’s engrossing story collection Lot, a surprising portrait of the city of Houston and an extraordinary exploration of the many forms a community can take.


What’s Cooking

You know all those recipes you read and bookmark and think to yourself, One weekend I’ll make this. Now’s your time. You have one week left before your resolutions begin, so why not use it to finally try your hand at homemade pasta? It might take a few hours, but hey, you’ve got nowhere to be, and we promise: It’s worth it.


Fascia Forward

So maybe you spent the entire afternoon practicing for the luge (i.e., supine on the couch, where you fell asleep at the most awkward angle five pages into your new book). A few minutes with the infinity roller and the body spheres from Lauren Roxburgh’s Aligned Life Kit will feel great when you have a crick in your neck and a knot in your back.


That’s a Wrap

Nothing complements downtime like wrapping yourself in the softest handwoven 100 percent cashmere throw.



It’s true that a calendar with lots of white space is a beautiful thing. But one thing that is absolutely worth putting on your schedule is an appointment with self-care. We love Mona Dan at Vie Healing, whose acupuncture sessions leave clients feeling calm, centered, and balanced.


Serious Gamesmanship

There’s a reason Monopoly has been a family favorite for generations: Who doesn’t love telling their nearest and dearest to “Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.”