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Backyard Wine Tasting

Photo courtesy of Alicia Lund

it’s all in the details

Everything You Need
for a Backyard Wine Tasting

With the right timing (guests arrive at golden hour), look (lean into red, white, and rosé), and spread (bottles + bites), your backyard becomes the tasting room of dreams. Go ahead: Pour a full glass whenever you please, openly admit you don’t like anything that tastes like peat or smells like a barn, and compare Gamay to red gummy bears without fear of correction. In the privacy of your patio, a spilled Chard gets zero side-eye. To keep decision-making to a minimum, we’ve pared it down to the essentials for a smooth setup, full-bodied evening, and an easy-does-it morning after.

get ready

get set

start sipping

the morning after