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Hemsley & Hemsley’s
holiday survival tips

Hemsley + Hemsley’s holiday tips

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Cookbook AuthorsSisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley keep pretty busy nourishing high-profile London families with their super clean, homey brand of cooking. They also contribute to British Vogue, and just recently publishing their first cookbook, The Art of Eating Well.

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    Freeze: Start stocking up for the holidays now, so you can look fresh rather than frazzled over a stove! Make a Cottage Pie with Cauliflower Mash and a couple of Pumpkin Pies and pop them in the freezer ready to feed a crowd, including any last-minute guests and those who just won’t go home!

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    Drink Sugar-Free: Sugar and alcohol together won’t help keep your head clear and your temper in check when family life reaches a crescendo. We make cocktails with a mix of blueberries, lime and coconut water to help alkalize the drink and keep you hydrated, or for a warming Spiced Apple Brandy Punch, we’ll blend apples, cranberries, ginger and cinnamon together. Plus, our Kombucha Fizz Mocktail makes a delicious champagne alternative—and those extra probiotics are great for aiding digestion.

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    Create Time: Time can sometimes feel like the enemy when you’re running around after everyone else with a list of things to do as long as your arm. Meditating for 20 minutes when we can helps us reset, re-energize and refocus. Our friend Susie Pearl of Create Happiness says: ‘Time makes Time:” Just a few moments of “time-out” helps you to be more productive and more in the moment and suddenly time is on your side.

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    Keep Jugs of Water in the Front Room: Staying hydrated is key for a healthy immune system. Plus, relaxing inside the house with the heating on full blast can make you a little dozy and too lazy to top up your glass. We keep a few jugs in the front room to remind everyone to drink up! Add a sprig of rosemary or save the peel from any organic citrus fruit and add slices to flavor the water.

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    Use a Relaxing Room Scent: Calm the chaos with a lavender room spray or a special blend candle. We love an ultrasonic aroma diffuser so that we can choose our own 100% natural, essential oil fragrances.

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    Personalize your Mug: Make sure everyone has their own mug and glass! This is something that we grew up with. Mum wasn’t keen on washing up 5 glasses per person per day and when we were old enough to do chores we realized how much fun it wasn’t. Now everyone has their own whacky mug and glass (check out charity shops and car boot sales [ed note: that’s British for flea markets and estate sales] for different cuts of glass and colors to help distinguish between them). It will save time, effort and water!

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    Create a Sanctuary: Make your bedroom your sanctuary. Don’t let it become a dumping room for furniture, clutter and laundry. We think bedrooms should be technology-free zones so use this opportunity to give yourself a break from laptops, emails and social media. Put a Neom non-toxic candle on your wish list and snuggle up in a beautiful quilt from Fenton & Fenton so that you have a haven to retire to at the end of the day.