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Easy Martini Pairings for Your Next Holiday Party


Many of us know a bit about pairing wine with food, but the rules are less clear when it comes to cocktails. We’re generally of the mindset that if the cocktail is good and the food is good, you can’t go too wrong, but here’s one rule that always works: Find one ingredient in common, and chances are the flavors will work well together.

We tested this theory with two classic Grey Goose martinis—calling out the citrus notes in the Bespoke Martini with a preserved-lemon mignonette for fresh, briny oysters, then playing up the richness of the coffee in an Espresso Martini by infusing chocolate truffles with—you guessed it—espresso. The results? We highly recommend starting and ending all of your holiday meals this way.

Bottoms Up

  • Bespoke Martini

    Bespoke Martini

    Since a classic vodka martini is more than just chilled vodka, it’s essential to use the good stuff here. A dash of orange bitters adds a subtle yet complex citrus note that complements the lemon twist perfectly.


  • Preserved Lemon Mignonette

    Preserved Lemon Mignonette

    This riff on a classic mignonette has a little fermented-salty bite from the preserved lemon, which is balanced out by the bright clean flavor of the white wine vinegar.


  • Grey Goose Espresso Martini

    Grey Goose Espresso Martini

    Why serve coffee after dinner when you can serve an espresso martini? Pair this perfectly balanced cocktail with anything chocolate-y.


  • Espresso, Cacao & Coconut Truffles

    Espresso, Cacao & Coconut Truffles

    An amped-up version of our detox truffle, these ones, made with espresso powder, are the perfect holiday dessert. They’re easy, refined sugar-free, and always a crowd-pleaser.