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A Game Plan for the Day After Thanksgiving

A Game Plan (or Two) for the Day
after Thanksgiving

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Ana Hito Food Editor

food editor

Every year, I host a big (as in fifty-three-plus) Thanksgiving on my family’s farm in upstate New York. All year, I look forward to the great people, barn dancing, amazing food, and all the toasty-warm feels. The next morning, I’m exhausted and happy—and not so hungry (at first).

  • 7AM

  • Activated Charcoal Chai latte
  • After stuffing my face for a leisurely four hours the night before, I’m not that hungry first thing. I like tea or a cozy Activated Charcoal Chai, perfect for a slow morning near the
    wood-burning stove. (A hot drink is also a great hand-warmer when I take my dog on a morning jaunt in the backyard.)

  • 11AM

  • Farmhouse Collage Ana Hito Goop Farmhouse Collage Ana Hito Goop
  • It’s a holiday, and I know you’re supposed to relax, but I can’t help myself—there’s so much to do all the time on the farm. I spend the morning chopping wood, driving the tractor, or planting herbs in the greenhouse. Slowly, I start to work up an appetite for those leftovers.

  • 4PM

  • Bubble and Squeak Goop Thanksgiving
  • My favorite thing to make with leftovers is Bubble and Squeak. I love how all the caramelized roasted vegetables come together in one big pancake that’s crispy on the edges but creamy with mashed potatoes in the center. Truly the key to making it is using a nonstick pan. My 10-inch GreenPan Ceramic Nontoxic Nonstick pan makes the flip no problem—nothing sticks. Best of all, it’s the easiest thing to clean on earth.

  • Greenpan Goop Exclusive Frypan Set Greenpan Goop Exclusive Frypan Set
    goop x Green Pan
    goop exclusive 10″ and 12″
    covered frypan set

    goop, $120
  • 9PM

  • Cards and Wine Bottle on a Table
  • I open a bottle of wine and play cards with friends. We always end up laughing and reminiscing—there’s nothing like the day after for getting quality time together.

Caitlin O'Malley Food Editor

food editor

Thanksgiving is my personal Super Bowl. I’ve been running the show since I was fifteen, and though it’s a ton of work, I love every minute of it. I start planning my leftover-turkey sandwich for the next day as I’m drifting off to sleep.

  • 6AM

  • Matcha Morning Smoothie
  • Arroyo Seco Trail
  • I’m usually a coffee drinker in the morning, but
    sometimes—especially the morning after Thanksgiving—I skip
    it for the Morning Matcha Smoothie, which gives me everything I need: a couple handfuls of greens, bananas, hydrating coconut water, and a little jolt of caffeine from the matcha. After that, my husband and I like to walk the Arroyo Seco Trail not far from our house in Highland Park. It’s especially magical if we make it there as the sun is rising.

  • 12PM

  • Crispy Fried Onions Thanksgiving
  • Sliced Apples on a Cutting Board Thanksgiving
  • My secret to the most incredible
    leftover-turkey sandwich is to set aside extra crispy fried onions while I’m making them for the green-bean casserole on Thanksgiving, then deploy them at lunch the day after—they make all the difference.

  • 6PM

  • Turkey Pho Goop Thanksgiving
  • When I was a kid, my mom would simmer turkey stock all day in a gigantic old
    stockpot, then top it with buttery, tender dumplings. I haven’t quite mastered her soup yet, but I do love making this Turkey Pho. It’s light, and the flavors are fresh, tangy, and spicy—precisely what I’m craving after a rich holiday feast. I make it in my GreenPan SimmerLite Ceramic Nontoxic Nonstick Dutch Oven, which is super light, so I can easily carry it right to the dinner table to serve it.

  • 8PM

  • The GreenPan Dutch Oven also happens to clean up quickly, so by 8, I’m soaking in the tub with some goop bath salts (I love “The Martini”), then curling up on the couch for a movie. I love it when deciding what to watch is the hardest decision I make all day—that’s exactly how holidays should be.

  • The Martini Goop Bath Soak Martini Goop Bath Soak
    goop Body

    goop, $35