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The Mind, Body & Office Detox Guide

Everything required for a (literal) head-to-toe reset—from workout accessories like yoga mats and foam rollers, to tools for the just-as-important mental detox—in the form of the complete “Be” library.


A detox is about re-energizing your physical well-being, but you won’t maximize the benefits if you don’t make space for mental/emotional growth as well. It’s critical to make time for focused meditation: A cleanse is the perfect opportunity to examine emotional triggers that may be holding you back.


One of the reasons we love Dr. Junger’s Clean program so much is that you’re still eating enough food to have plenty of energy, so you can workout with real focus and intention.


Between the constant sitting, the temptation of candy bowls and unhealthy lunches, and of course the stress, the office can be a detox danger zone. Here, strategies for making your workspace a healthier, happier place.