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Detox Guide


It’s all too easy to get discouraged by the vast amount, and devastating reach, of plastic waste. But rather than doing nothing because there’s so much to do, or because (like us), you’ll never be perfect, we can choose to make strides in the right direction. Here, the tried-and-true kitchen and household staples (and much more), with an eye toward cutting down waste. Whether you have the bandwidth for a one-and-done, zero-waste pantry starter kit and a one-time donation to a green cause, or you’re ready to go full-on solar and host a screening of the STRAWS documentary while campaigning for paper straws at your local café—it’s all at your fingertips.

Home Tools & Essentials

Think of this as the waste-eliminating icing on the cake. Depending on your sweet tooth, this might mean handing a glass mug to your barista for your morning almond milk latte, adding a chic countertop compost bin to your kitchen, or taking your sleep game to the next level with a non-toxic, dream-inducing bed.

Farmers’ Market & Bulk Shopping

Shopping in bulk has many advantages. For the merits and ins and outs, see this Q&A with the founder of Blisshaus, an Oakland-based company on a mission to eliminate plastic from every kitchen. Meanwhile, here’s everything you need to make bulk shopping, as well as trips to the farmers market, easy. Also, more evidence of how badly we want a goop farm to call our own.

Better Storage Alternatives

The kitchen storage options here aim to significantly cut down your plastic load and make the whole leftover process much more pleasant. Big shout-outs, of course, go out to all the home-composters out there.

On the Go

A lot of household waste is introduced via on-the-go scenarios, when the convenience of single-use items is most likely to appeal. To combat this, a standout reusable lineup—one that’s kid-friendly if you have them—does a lot of the heavy lifting. (Also helpful: knowing the best nutritionists to Skype for advice on what food to pack into said reusables.)

Clean-Up & Laundry

It’s alarming how many toxic ingredients can live in the products and rooms that are inherently devoted to keeping things clean. For starters, try to avoid any cleaning supplies that have “fragrance” on the label, which is a notorius trojan horse for potentially harmful ingredients. For everything else in the laundry room and beyond, see below.