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The Dining Room Chair Guide

When a good friend asked for some dining room chair suggestions, it seemed like a simple task. But it’s weirdly difficult to find ones that are both comfortable and aesthetically appealing. So we asked a few of our favorite interior designers for the ones they think look good. And because many of these (don’t we all want a set of original Jean Prouvé Standard Chairs?) require a second mortgage, we dug around for some great affordable options, too.

  • Kelly Wearstler

    Kelly Wearstler

    Kelly Wearstler’s instantly recognizable glam interiors—The Viceroy hotels, The Tides, Bergdorf Goodman—are responsible for an entire aesthetic. She has her own collection of home goods and accessories: It’s not all that surprising that one of her designs, the Elliott Chair, is on several designers’ lists.

  • Shop nowStudio Dining Chair

    Kelly Wearstler
    Studio Dining Chair Kelly Wearstler, $2,500
    “My Studio Dining Chair has such a sexy, glamorous aura. Its curved, burnished bronze frame creates a distinctive, elegant form. I have it upholstered in a soft, luxurious cowhide in one of the conference rooms at my studio.”“I have always been drawn to metal and this chair is unique because of its curved shape: It really softens the look. The chair is incredibly elegant but with a perfect amount of edge.”

  • Shop nowElliott Chair

    Kelly Wearstler Elliott Chair Kelly Wearstler, $3,600“The Elliott Chair is a signature piece and perennial bestseller from my studio collection that is named for one of my boys. I love the juxtaposition between its classic form and modern proportions.”“The beauty of this glamorous vintage-inspired piece lies in its sculptural design. The bold lines in antiqued brass mixed with the textured reptile leather really create a one-of-a kind piece.”

  • Ryan Korban

    Ryan Korban

    He’s remarkably young and yet he’s already got Alexander Wang and Balenciaga’s dreamy, marble-clad showrooms in his portfolio, not to mention the homes of many of New York City’s well-dressed downtowners. His interiors have a distincty masculine edge.

  • Shop nowLira Chair

    Lira Chair Room & Board, $499“I am drawn to the architectural feel of this chair. The clean lines of the metal mixed with the upholstery makes a great juxtaposition of modern and comfortable. It comes in an array of finishes and fabrics, but always looks clean and contemporary.”

  • Shop nowAndromeda Chair

    Andromeda Chair J. Robert Scott, Price Upon Request“I love these lacquered parchment chairs. They have such a great 1920’s Jean Michel Frank feel to them.”

  • Shop nowSafari Woven Leather Chair

    Ralph Lauren Safari Woven Leather Chair Ralph Lauren, $5,005“These modern chic chairs feel both masculine and feminine at the same time.”

  • Rodman Primack

    Rodman Primack

    With an interior design practice of his own, and an encyclopedic knowledge of important furniture and objects, it makes a lot of sense that Rodman Primack is Executive Director of Design Miami.

    “My favorite dining chairs are somewhat similar in proportion because I neither like the look of most high backed chairs nor find them comfortable. I always gravitate towards a lower, more casual chair. All of these chairs are vintage as I like things that have developed a patina, but you can find some beautiful reissues from companies like Vitra. My personal choice rather than a reissue would be to choose something really new both as a design and its production.”

  • Shop nowGio Ponti SuperLeggera

    Gio Ponti SuperLeggera 1st Dibs,
    $33,084 for a Set of 14
    “This is an iconic design. Not only is it beautiful, but it is lightweight yet sturdy and looks great in any setting.”

  • Shop nowHans Wegner The Chair

    Hans Wegner The Chair 1st Dibs, Price Upon Request“Designed in 1950, this iconic chair has many variations (including leather or rushed seats) and I believe has been produced ever since its design. It is extremely comfortable and one of Wegner’s masterpieces.”

  • Shop nowGeorge Nakashima Grass Seated Chairs

    George Nakashima Grass Seated Chairs 1st Dibs, Price Upon Request“This was also designed in the early 1950’s, by the treasured Japanese American designer and craftsman, George Nakashima. I have always loved the incredible sculptural shape of this chair, which is both rustic and sophisticated. with its grass seat and elegant sculptural lines, it’s like a bird landing on a wire.”

  • Shop nowJean Prouvé Standard Chair

    Jean Prouvé Standard Chair 1st Dibs, Price Upon Request“This is one of the most perfect chairs ever made, originally designed for French schools in the early 1930’s, and revised by Prouvé later. It has beautiful proportions and is comfortable through long meetings as well as dinners.”

  • Pamela Shamshiri

    Pamela Shamshiri

    As a founding partner at Commune, known for some pretty huge commercial projects like the Ace in Downtown LA, and the Heath Ceramics stores, Pamela Shamshiri brings craft, and a sense of history, to all the interiors she touches.Photo: Francois Halard

  • Shop nowLadder Chair

    Ladder Chair BDDW, Price Upon Request“BDDW is crafting the finest furniture in America today. I love the Shaker-like simplicity of these chairs, the drama of their high backs, and how surprisingly comfortable they are.”

  • Shop nowGio Ponti Superleggera Chair

    Gio Ponti Superleggera Chair Context Gallery, Price Upon Request“Gio Ponti’s elegant take on the Chiavari chair is light enough to lift with one finger and strong enough to take a fall from a four story building—this, Ponti tested himself! I love the clean, minimalist lines and contrast of materials.”

  • Shop nowArne Jacobsen Grand Prix Chair

    Arne Jacobsen Grand Prix Chair 1st Dibs, $3,786“The great Danish architect Arne Jacobsen won the Grand Prize at Milan in 1957 with these chairs. I love their beautiful sculptural quality and especially love the vintage versions in leather and teak.”

  • Shop nowMogens Koch Folding Chair

    Mogens Koch Folding Chair Rud Rasmussen, Price Upon Request“Mogens Koch’s 1930’s take on the director’s chair is the ultimate in portability. The chair folds up so easily and can be ordered with a beautiful stand for storage. Fantastic for a garden party, they also lend a casual, airy vibe to a dining or breakfast room. Rud Rasmussen offers them in the most gorgeous leathers.”

  • Shop nowBorge Mogensen Model 3237 Leather Chairs

    Borge Mogensen Model 3237 Leather Chairs Bonluxat, Price Upon Request“Borge Mogensen had such success with his Spanish Chair that he adapted the design into this dining chair version. The white oak and stitched leather construction and brass belt buckle detailing lend them a timeless and rugged sensibility.”

  • Shop nowConservatory Dining Chair

    Conservatory Dining Chair Soane, Price Upon Request“Soane is a wonderful furniture maker based in the UK. I love how they incorporate a traditional material like rush into the design of this very relaxed chair.”

  • Shop nowEero Saarinen Tulip Armless Chair

    Eero Saarinen Tulip Armless Chair Knoll, $1,396“Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Chair is a pop design icon, but perhaps more importantly, sitting in one is just plain fun. I put a set of them in my brother’s kitchen and his kids (and mine) get dizzy spinning around in them. I like them best in black.”