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The Cutest Office Supplies

Back when we were in school, buying supplies was always the best part of September. With that in mind, we’re revamping our office desks whether the look is “Modern,” “Industrial” or “Bright.”

Modern Office Supplies

Doug Johnston small basket

Doug Johnston large basket

Mr. White clock

Kartell storage module

Vitra toolbox

Kaweco fountain pens

“Block Lamp” desk light

ANYTHING scissors

Versacover iPad case

Meg Callahan Mattermade quilt

Muji colored pencils

ANYTHING stapler

Geneva WorldRadio

Postalco notebooks

ANYTHING tape dispenser

Punkt cable holder

Deskstructure desk set

Pebble eraser

Timor Perpetual Calendar

746 Phone

Vitsoe shelving system

Uten.Silo supply holdall

Industrial Office Supplies

Newgate wall clock

Desk calendar

Chalkboard container

Marimekko water glasses

Chalkboard container

Bocci lamp

Wooden desk clock/iPhone docking station

Typeface notebook

Map of the USA

Jason Miller desk lamp

Antique chest of drawers

Dru Sculpture at Haus Interior

IDEA International manual shredder

Bright Colored Office Supplies

Pink Ombre iPhone case

HAY set of trays

Scholten & Baijings for HAY folder

Leather case

Action mini notebook pack

“Yummy” folder

“Pen Pen” cup or “Bin Bin” trash can

MYBKR water container

WOW mini speaker

Scholten & Baijings for HAY paper tower

AM computer and phone cleaning supplies

Farmers market page tabs

Jumbo memos

Large notebook

MT washi tape

Small notebook

Pie chart post-it notes

“Yummy” folder

“Yummy” folder

Lexon desk set