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Five Furniture Pieces Every Home Needs

The 5 Essential
You’ll Always Use

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A couch that feels like home. A rug that warms an entire room. A table that’s made for dinner with friends. They’re all elements in a home that lets you do what you want to do (i.e., work, entertain, nothing at all) in exactly the way you want to do it. The key is focusing on the essential furniture that you’ll always love (at least as far as you can tell right now) and remembering one thing: A great space is more alchemy than design, because great chemistry is not something you can fake.

  • 1


    One of our 2019 home detox goals is to find the streamlined, functional sofa of our dreams. It has to be incredibly comfortable and adaptable. This Burrow couch is customizable, so you choose the legs, the arm height, the color, the ottoman style (should you go that route). It also has a hidden USB charger so you can get in some extra screen time when you’re in front of the TV.

  • Burrow Sofa Grey
    burrow sofa
    Burrow, $1,195

  • 2


    The right rug can be life-changing. Or at least room-changing. When chosen properly, it anchors a space, keeps things inviting and warm, and adds style to a room. And if you pick one with a cool design, like these erratic horizontal stripes, it doubles as art.

  • goop x CB2 Darjeeling Rug
    goop x cb2 darjeeling rug
    goop, $499

  • 3


    No other piece of furniture will serve you like a dining table. It’s there for breakfasts, dinners, conversations, work, projects, homework—basically everything besides sleeping.

  • Sixpenny Dining Table
    sixpenny dining table
    Sixpenny, $1,499

  • 4


    Because your sentimental keepsakes, family photos, design magazines, and first editions need a home, not a balancing act. We love how you can adjust the shelves—and if you collect tall art books, you will, too.

  • goop x CB2 Pimlico Étagère
    goop x cb2 pimlico étagère
    goop, $1,499

  • 5


    Think of a great dinner party. Do you remember the chairs? We’re guessing no, which means they functioned exactly how essential dining chairs should: They were comfortable, chic, and unobtrusive.

  • Ercol Chair Black
    ercol chair
    Ercol, $500