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Kitchen-Changing Cookware,
Curious Scents, and 13 Other Things
We’re Talking About

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    Hashtag Photobooth

    “Photo booths are as integral to a party as a well-stocked bar these days: I can’t go to a wedding, kid’s birthday, or holiday bash without seeing one. We used Hashtag Photobooth for our goop holiday party this year, and I’m recommending it to everyone who is planning an event. With the glow filter (think smooth, creamy skin for all), the take-home photos are a party favor I can get behind.” —Diana Ryu, chief of staff


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    Daisy O’Dell

    “Daisy O’Dell is an incredible award-winning music producer, curator, and DJ. Daisy has performed alongside some of the best—Robyn, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Lady Gaga—but it’s her energy and vision that really inspire me. She is part of Women Collective, a nightlife movement that includes four entertainment veterans working to change culture and embolden the conversation around inclusivity, consent, safety, equity, and mental health. Read up on Daisy or, better yet, listen to her playlist that features culturally significant songs by female-identifying artists. As Daisy says, ‘No one creates art in a vacuum, and talent isn’t gendered, but sometimes it’s nice to immerse yourself in the female experience.’ It’s amazing to see how Daisy is using music and nightlife as a force for good.” —Kevin Keating, executive assistant

    DAISY O’DELL, for booking inquires visit Nona Entertainment

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    Carraway Cookware

    “This Teflon-free, ceramic-coated set is a true game changer. It includes all the essential cooking pieces—a saucepan, a sauté pan, a frying pan, a Dutch oven, and lids. Every element is considered (the handles double as spoon rests), and the colors are stunning. But what I’ve been talking about the most is how easy these are to store, thanks to the brilliant magnetic pan racks and the canvas lid holder. No kitchen clutter.” —Paige Olsen, assistant buyer, home and gift

    CARRAWAY COOKWARE, goop, $395 for the set

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    We Wish You Luck is set on the fictional Fielding campus and spans ten-day periods over a few Januarys and Junes when a miscellaneous group of hopeful, and hopeless, writers gather for a low-residency MFA program. I love reading about creative writing programs and strange friendships. But what surprised me was how much I was hooked by Caroline Zancan’s writing conceit—the story is told by a collective ‘we,’ a chorus of Fielding students—and her elaborate revenge plot, which I just had to see through to the last dark deed.” —Kiki Koroshetz, wellness director

    WE WISH YOU LUCK, Amazon, $26

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    The Pineapple Collaborative

    “The Pineapple Collaborative does so much good stuff, it’s hard to know where to start. It began as a community for women who love food, including a fun and addictive series, The Pantry, which features the home kitchens and pantries of women who work in all parts of the food industry. It also does awesome events all over the country focusing on a range of food-adjacent topics—everything from queerness to agriculture. It even has its own olive oil and apple cider vinegar line, which I am newly obsessed with. In addition to tasting great and having the cutest and coolest branding, the oil and vinegar are sourced from ethical producers. I could go on, but you should probably just order them and see for yourself.”
    —Caitlin O’Malley, food editor


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    Revtown Jeans

    “The perfect jeans really are a needle in the haystack of too tight, not stretchy enough, too long…the list goes on. I’m petite and athletically built, so I’ve always struggled with finding the ideal pair. Until I found Revtown. I love how personalized and easy it is. You pick a style and fill out sizing and shape information, then the site generates the pair that will be best for you. I got the Sunrise Indigo, a high-rise straight-leg pair that looks great with sneakers and a sweater or dressed up with heels. And I’m thrilled we’re now carrying Revtown on goop.” —Liza Green, senior manager, client services

    REVTOWN JEANS, Revtown, $80

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    Jayne Williams

    “Take care of you. That is my mantra for this new decade—and I am honoring this first and foremost by reevaluating my relationship with food. I am working on being generous with myself by recalibrating how I approach the way I eat. I want to feel happy and nourished, not deprived or stressed. This once felt like an unattainable goal, but now it is a reality. I credit this to a handful of soulful practitioners I’ve opened up to, including Jayne Williams, a certified integrative health and nutrition expert. One conversation with Jayne—just one!—opened me up to a world where caring for myself didn’t mean following a restrictive protocol but rather eating the foods that truly nourish me. Jayne helps you change your habits, so you eat—and ultimately live—in a way that is authentically good for you. It’s intuitive. And it’s sustainable. Her health coaching is shifting the world to a healthier place.”
    —Stacey Lindsay, articles editor


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    Tracie Martyn

    “Living in NYC in the winter months can be tough—it’s inevitable that your skin will freak out over weather changes. After a few breakouts, I decided to visit the Tracie Martyn spa for a treatment. I got the Purple Ray Facial, and it was truly one of the best facials I’ve had in a while. I left the studio (some may call it an oasis) with hydrated and glowy skin.” —Olivia Robinson, social media coordinator


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    Aftel Archive of Curious Scents

    “Right behind Chez Panisse in Berkeley is a tiny, beautifully designed gem of a museum that no one—especially no one who’s ever loved a perfume—should miss. If Alice Waters is the mother of clean, delicious cooking, Mandy Aftel is the mother of clean perfumery. She’s been working with natural perfume for decades, supplying everyone from Waters to Lucinda Williams to Leonard Cohen (she created scents for Cohen for over twenty years; she has his paintings all around her house, many inscribed ‘to the great alchemist Mandy’). She’s written four books on the subject; she runs her own brand, Atelier; and she mentors countless natural perfumers, including Douglas Little, who cocreates goop’s fragrances. The museum, called the Aftel Archive of Curious Scents, has incredible historic pieces (ambergris harvested from a whale over a century ago, antique perfumes, books, formulas), along with an enormous perfume organ, where you can sample every obscure iteration of a scent you could imagine. The experience is nothing short of magical—an opportunity to experience beauty in a way we’re rarely afforded the chance to. Aftel also teaches extensive workshops on natural perfumery there. It’s open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and by appointment. Admission is $20 and includes a delightful parting gift. You can also buy Aftel’s perfumes and (highly recommend) her edible scent sprays on her site. Heaven.” —Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director


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    “I crave Korean food for its spicy kicks, fermented flavors, and comforting umami, but my favorite part of the meal is always the banchan. Is anything better than enjoying small bowls of delicious foods while you anticipate more delicious food? Yes! Enjoying said foods (or olives, crudités, or anything else, really) from a hand-thrown set of ceramic banchan dishes by TOOOLS. One of the reasons the dishes look so damn good together is because they’re designed to artfully stack into a sculpture when not in use. The designers behind the brand, Caroline Hwang and Joel Speasmaker, have taken the elegance of a tea set and the utility of nesting mixing bowls and combined them into a functional objet d’art. If snagging a set inspires you to host a kimchi party, check out this trio of recipes by Caroline (who’s also one of goop’s go-to food stylists).” —Sarah Carr, associate editor

    TOOOLS, from $15 per item

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    Ciao Lucia Dress

    “I’m looking forward to the days of warmer weather, and I couldn’t take my eyes off this bubble-gum-pink dress. The slinky straps, feminine ruching, and midi length mean it works as well on a beach vacation with strappy sandals as it does in the office with sneakers. It’s an automatic add-to-cart.” —Amy Wilbraham, fashion merchandising assistant

    CIAO LUCIA DRESS, goop, $315

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    Short Stories

    “I’m doing dry January for the first time, and it already has me reflecting on my alcohol choices. (Do I really need to have that glass of wine while watching Jeopardy? Probably not.) I’ve also had some time to think about what I’ll drink to break my month of not drinking, and it’s a no-brainer: I’m obsessed with the Ginger Mint Paloma at Short Stories. The ginger has just enough heat to match the mint, and the Casamigos tequila gives it a smoky undertone. I tried it at our goop holiday party back in December, and it’s now my official go-to. Can’t wait to cheers with one after a much-needed month of all the mocktails!” —Meghan Flynn, events coordinator


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    Priscilla Woolworth 2.0

    “Priscilla Woolworth is one of the OG green pioneers. She launched her eco-friendly version of a general store back in 2009, offering solar-powered flashlights and recycled aluminum foil before these things were readily available, along with her quarterly online almanac filled with inspiring artists and films dedicated to fostering positive change. When we first spoke many years ago about doing an eco-cinema club in Los Angeles, she shared that she didn’t really know anything when she started her journey to lead a more conscious lifestyle—but she knew she had to learn. She has since moved to the Hudson Valley, and she recently relaunched her online store, which now includes items of her own making. If you don’t already, subscribe to her almanac newsletter for essential reading on the people, places, and things devoted to sustainability.” —Andrea Arria-Devoe, sustainability editor


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    “I help care for a three-year-old, Harlow, who I can tell is going to be a big reader. She loves snuggling in at the end of the day for a big chunk of reading time, and her favorite books are ones that you’d think would be too advanced for her age. I got really excited when I had to chance to try Wonderscope, an augmented-reality app for kids that places you inside the stories you’re reading. As you read out loud from your phone or tablet, which projects artwork and text onto whatever your camera’s picking up, you take on the role of a character in the story—like Little Red Riding Hood’s inner voice of confidence as she takes on the big bad wolf—and the characters on-screen react and respond to your words. It’s so cool to watch the world of the story build around you. And every story I’ve tried has been equal parts fun and beautiful and touching. I can’t wait to share it with little Harlow—considering how truly obsessed she is with my phone, I think this will be a huge hit.” —Kelly Martin, assistant editor

    WONDERSCOPE, iTunes, free

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    Nido Box

    “While I was by no means a minimalist parent the first time around, I really, really want to be one with my second. Nido Box helps my cause by sending gender-neutral, aesthetically stunning, developmentally specific toy collections—five to seven pieces each time—that aim to simplify the whole learning-through-play thing. Each rattle, puzzle, and book is thoughtful and beautifully made, so there’s no need to purchase additional playthings.” —Kate Wolfson, executive editor

    NIDO BOX, Nido $150