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Photographs by Stephanie Wolff

Summerill & Bishop

Summerill & Bishop is a kitchen shop located on a quiet corner in London’s Holland Park that’s one of our hands-down favorites. Owners June Summerill and Bernadette Bishop have built, through relationships with unique artisans and vendors from around the world, an incredibly special place where you can always find a singular gift, ornament, kitchen essential, or that perfect finishing piece for the table. The shop, which has the elegant and relaxed feel of a Provencal home, is definitely worth a visit for inspiration whether you are in the neighborhood or visiting London for the first time.

Photographs by Stephanie Wolff

Some favorites from a recent visit

Tapas glass

Great as an everyday water glass, I also like to serve wine in these.


Cordial glass

A glass to go with the water carafe above that stands alone and is great for iced-teas and summer cocktails.


Zinc Tealight Holders (set of two)

Hang several around your garden or indoors, or put a few on the table for dinnertime ambiance.


Chaville Coupe

For a fancy ice cream or fruit salad.


Small Tin Tray

This makes a great gift – a tiny tray for jewelry or for your salt and pepper set.


Spice set

Replace your salt and pepper grinders with these mini pots for serving spices at the table.


Tea towel

Summerill & Bishop also carries a great variety of tea towels, tablecloths and napkins. These simple 100% linen tea towels come in red and blue and are a kitchen essential.

For the blue striped tea towel, click here.


Cotton voile tablecloth

I love this simple cotton tablecloth.


Water carafe

A Middle Eastern hand-blown carafe for water or tea at the table.


Bedside carafe and glass

It’s always nice to make sure your overnight guests have water in their bedroom.


Istanbul Lantern

A gorgeous glass lantern to hang or to set on the table with a candle inside. Comes in two sizes. The big one is definitely a statement piece.

Small, £48.00; Large, £72.50

Arabesque Lantern

A slightly weathered lantern that’s great for outdoor dining by candlelight.


Tin plated copper stock pot

This makes for a real statement piece in the kitchen. Use it for making stews and soups for large parties, or even just for storing kitchen odds and ends in.


Round Moroccan Tea Tray

For serving tea, coffee, or just for display.


Photographs by Stephanie Wolff

Lavandin essence

This is the shop’s signature smell which the shop girls swear by for a variety of uses. Add a few drops:

  • • to a bucket of hot water, it’s great for mopping when cleaning your kitchen and bathroom floors, to give the house a fresh aroma

  • • to the bottom of your garbage can to get rid of any nasty odors

  • • to your laundry dryer sheet to freshen your clothes

  • • to a muslin cloth or sachet to scent your drawers and help repel moths

  • • to the water in your iron for fresh smelling laundry

  • • to a hot bath

  • Spray, £19.50; Bottle, £32

Measuring Sets

I love these incredibly plain ceramic measuring cups (£8.50), and spoons (£3.95)

Liquid Marseille Soap

This is one of my basic hand soaps that I keep both in the kitchen and in the bathroom.


Enamel Utility Bucket

An attractive bucket for storing cleaning supplies.


Set of two heart-shaped bread baskets

A sweet basket for serving bread at the table.


Dustpan and Brush

Summerill and Bishop have the most beautiful cleaning supplies including this dustpan and horsehair brush.


Diptyque Figue Candle

This is one of my favorite candles to light at home in the evening.


Astier de Villatte Marguerite Dish

Summerill & Bishop carries Astier de Villatte ceramics, which are hand-made in Paris from black terracotta covered in a distinctive white glaze. Each piece is perfectly imperfect. A small dish that’s great for keeping cooking salt handy.


Rattan Basket

This sweet rattan basket comes in several sizes. It’s a great place to store napkins and linens or even the laundry. It also makes great packaging for a gift.


Opinel Carving Knife and Fork Set

This makes a great gift for friends who entertain and serve a lot of meat. I’ll use these for carving chickens and turkey at the table.


Astier de Villatte Large vase

I love this ceramic vase which looks like a paint can. It’s great for storing spoons and cooking utensils on the kitchen counter.


The shop has the most beautiful array of glassware that is definitely worth checking out.

Photographs by Stephanie Wolff

Note: For all you non EU readers, all the prices at Summerill & Bishop include a 20% VAT (a 20% sales tax) which will be discounted from your total at purchase. Also, keep in mind that the flat rate for shipping abroad can be expensive so be sure to order enough to make it worth your while!

Summerill & Bishop
100 Portland Road
London, W 11 4LQ
+44 (0) 20 7229 1337