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A World-Class Dog, a Recycling Coach, and 13 Other Things We’re Talking About

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    “Nothing says I love you like a tricked-out toilet. I’m thinking this is the perfect gift for the man who has everything. Plus, it has potential benefits for both the booty and the environment.” —Nancy Matz, VP, brand partnerships and sales


    tushy bidet
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    string theory

    “The Mala Collective necklaces are truly spectacular. The malas—strings of beads traditionally used for meditation—are hand-knotted with gemstones like labradorite or amazonite, and they’re all handmade in Bali by female artisans. The brand’s mission is to inspire ‘mindful evolution,’ and they offer free guided meditations on their site, which has also taught me a lot about the true purpose of malas in meditation.” —Molly Kalinsky, manager, brand partnerships & marketing

    I AM WHOLE MALA, Mala Collective, $138

    Mala necklaces
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    “Chris Wyllie has the extraordinary gift of making you—and every person he meets—feel special. The artist in him has a way of drawing out your inner artist. I am a huge fan of his work. Wyllie’s signature piece is called the Happy Mural Project: It’s an oversize mural of a gleeful woman’s face with an Afro made out of wooden slabs for hair. He likes to make art on unlikely surfaces (like wild stallions painted on doorframes and the female form on remnants of refrigerators). It’s desert meets cowboy meets pinup babe. Wyllie’s work is suggestive. Romantic. Out-there. And it’s happy. It’s more than meets the eye. Just like Chris.” —Justine Baldwin, editorial project manager


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    “I have been trying to be more conscious about choosing reusable and sustainable products in my daily life. I bring my canvas tote to the grocery store every week and use a reusable container for my lunch most days. Recently, I’ve been bringing a mug with me to coffee shops. It’s hard to find reusable products that are also made sustainably, which is why I love Huskee Cup. The mugs are made with coffee husk, an organic waste product from the milling stage of coffee production, and they are super durable. So not only do the mugs use a product that would have otherwise been waste; they also prevent further waste by reducing the number of cups that end up in landfills. It also doesn’t hurt that they are adorable, they keep my coffee warm, and I can throw them in my dishwasher at the end of the day.” —Nina Christensen, brand partnerships coordinator

    HUSKEE CUP, Huskee, from $16

    huskee cup
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    bug juice

    “I practically get sucked dry when there are mosquitoes around. I have type O blood, so I like to think that I am mosquitoes’ favorite meal, but I am not lying when I say I got zero mosquito bites when I went camping with this bug spray. It’s clean. It smells great. And it really works.” —Mindy Hu, front end developer


    Kinfield Golden Hour bug spray
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    “For all in-between occasions that call for a gift but don’t scream out any suggestions, I snag a crystal candle by Tiny Bandit from Flowerboy Project or The Butcher’s Daughter LA. The scents are delicate, as you’d expect from names like Moon Milk and Aire Boheme, and each candle comes with crystals set in the wax (precharged in the California sunshine, of course). Once the wax is gone, you’re left with citrine, clear quartz, and amazonite for Reiki, meditation, your desk, your koi pond—whatever. If you can’t get your hands on the This Smells Like My Vagina candle, a crystal set in Moon Milk–scented wax works, too.” —Sarah Carr, associate editor

    CRYSTAL CANDLE, Tiny Bandit, $64

    tiny bandit crystal candle
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    “I moved recently, and a big priority of mine was to set up a meditative space that I could retreat to in the mornings or after work for some grounding before bed. You don’t need much to meditate, although I’ve found that filling this area with quality props, like Manduka’s, has really elevated my restorative practice. The cornerstone of this space has been my Manduka rectangular bolster, which doubles as a yin yoga prop and a meditation cushion. It’s incredible. You can use it a hundred ways, and I’m still finding more. My favorite is in supta baddha konassana for a gentle heart- and hip-opener: I place the bolster underneath my spine and let my back melt itself into the soft and supportive cushioning, then I splay my knees out wide or rest them on two of Manduka’s cork yoga blocks for extra support. It’s my go-to move to help drift into deep relaxation before bed.” —Leah Bedrosian, research scientist


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    “Several years ago, I interviewed Dr. Tudor Marinescu about the potential effects of too much sitting. Marinescu told me that it’s important to consider both the length of time we sit and how we sit. ‘The key is to feel ease—in your arms, your shoulders, and your entire body—so you’re not accumulating any compression or tension,’ he said. This struck me, because as a writer, I can spend day after day on a wooden chair, hunched over my laptop. Not ideal. And while I am a believer in standing desks, they aren’t the most realistic option when I’m working from home. So I’ve been on the hunt for a seat that is generous in its design. This sustainably made chair by Noho is built to respond to the way our bodies move. It’s comfortable, extra springy, and a stylish reminder to be more observant of how much time I spend on my butt.” —Stacey Lindsay, contributing editor

    NOHO CHAIR, Noho, $325

    noho chair
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    “My go-to look has always been a T-shirt and jeans. You can dress it up or down, but you will always look classic. I recently discovered Also, Freedom, which makes amazing pima cotton tees with embroidered text. The tees are super cute and update my look without compromising the style. My favorites are the ‘subject to change without notice’ and ‘dare’ designs. These quotes keep me inspired and motivated and allow me to express myself through my everyday style.” —Emily Erardy, associate director, brand partnerships and marketing

    BABY GIRL TEE, Also, Freedom, $73

    woman wearing t-shirt
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    cuffing season

    “I’m absolutely loving wearing my new Maison Miru ear cuff. I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to piercings, so this is the perfect gateway if you’re like me. What’s great is that you can also easily do a stacked look by layering it between other earrings—it fools everyone into thinking you have more piercings than you do. And with the affordable price tag, you can’t go wrong.” —Sandra Slusarczyk, fashion and market assistant

    ETERNITY ECHO EAR CUFF, Maison Miru, $44

    earring closeup
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    outward hound

    “I discovered Momo on Instagram (where all good dogs should be discoverable). His owner, Andrew Knapp, is a Canadian photographer who turned his #findmomo posts into a series of four books. My favorite is Find Momo across Europe. Imagine Where’s Waldo, but Waldo is an adorable black-and-white border collie, and instead of looking for him in an illustration, you’re looking for him in a stunning, wanderlust-inducing photograph of, say, a whitewashed alpine church in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park or the enormous Major Oak in Sherwood Forest in England. I actually bought the book for my niece and nephew for Christmas…and then kept it for myself. So I highly recommend it as a gift—for kids, for dog lovers, for people who like pretty pictures of even prettier places—but make sure you buy an extra copy, because you’ll want to keep one for yourself, too.” —Aura Davies, deputy editor


    find momo book
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    thanks a brunch

    “I recently had the best Sunday, and it was largely because it started with an incredible brunch at Otium in DTLA. I’d only been for dinner before (it’s my go-to before a show at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion or Mark Taper Forum), and brunch usually isn’t my vibe (I love cooking breakfast at home), but it did not disappoint. I started with a deliciously bright and slightly bitter Clueless-themed cocktail called Totally Buggin. Then we had the most delightfully crispy roasted potatoes with a seriously addictive aji verde sauce, meltingly tender carnitas Benedict, and chicken and waffles with homemade hot sauce and truffled maple syrup. As you can imagine, I needed a long walk afterward, so I popped across the street to MOCA—which has been free since January. It was a pretty perfect downtown day.” —Caitlin O’Malley, food editor

    OTIUM, gift cards available at

    chicken and waffles
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    hush now

    “Piccalilli is the new kid on Culver City’s culinary block. The bold, bright fusion menu—which I can only describe as Southeast Asian meets South Carolina Low Country—is as next-level as it sounds. (They do a great martini, too.) When I went there with a friend, we popped in late (it was a reverse happy hour from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.) and got the Thai banana hush puppies and the gochujang Brussels sprouts. We didn’t regret it.” —Amanda Chung, junior creative copywriter

    PICCALILLI, gift cards available at 424.298.8540

    dish at Piccalilli
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    the plastics

    “The road to hell is paved with wish-cycling: the practice of throwing everything into the blue bin in the hope that it will be recycled. This good intention costs municipal governments hundreds of millions of dollars annually and leaves us baffled over the complicated rules of recycling. How do we fix this broken system? To start, download Recycle Coach, a handy app that tells you what materials will be accepted according to your zip code. It demystifies questions like: Should I wash my recyclables? (Yes.) Separate the caps from plastic and glass bottles? (Yes.) Put my recyclables in a plastic bag? (Never.) It also offers coaching in the workplace so everyone in the office gets the memo that greasy pizza boxes and plastic cling wrap go straight to landfills.” —Andrea Arria-Devoe, sustainability editor


    plastic bottles
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    glazed and confused

    “There’s something so grounding about rolling up your sleeves, ditching your screens, and working with your hands for a few hours every week. Ever since my work wife got me into Patrick Johnston’s ceramics class at the aptly named Temple of Mediclaytion in Venice, I was hooked. The best part: Whenever I’d walk in after a hectic day, I’d always leave in a way better mood. All the adorable pots I’ve gotten to take home are just an added perk—my plant sill is really thriving!” —Alyssa Nelsen Geiger, senior creative copywriter

    TEMPLE OF MEDICLAYTION, $300 for a six-week session

    temple of Mediclaytion

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