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This new, LA-based art venture has a pretty simple, and totally vital premise: The Posters makes art both accessible and affordable. While it’s not the first innovator in this space, they’re doing things a little differently. The brainchild of Athena Currey, a model and actress turned arts administrator, and Adrian Rosenfeld, a well-respected gallery director who spent 15 years at Matthew Marks Gallery, the duo decided to team up to create an entry point for art. As Adrian puts it, “I’d been thinking for years that people needed a way into the art world that wasn’t a $1,500 print.” In fact, when GP met Adrian at Matthew Marks years ago, they had a conversation along these very lines that Adrian cites as one of his early inspirations for the company.

As the name suggests, Rosenfeld and Currey sell masterfully-printed posters for a limited time (in an unlimited run) by both up-and-coming and well-established artists. At $55, they’re a steal, and to top it off, 10% of each purchase goes to an arts charity, currently Inner-City Arts in LA. Some of the pieces on the site are existing works that have been adapted for the 30″ x 24” poster parameters, and others are new, completely original works. Every few weeks, two new editions premiere on the site, generally pairing a big-name artist with an up-and-comer: For example, their first editions were by the super well-known Nate Lowman, and Wyatt Kahn who is currently on a fast-track to stardom.

  • Sara Vanderbeek, Roman Women I

    Sara Vanderbeek, Roman Women I

  • tkttk

    Leonhard Hurzlmeier, Dentist Getting Ready, 2013-2014


These guys are always on the hunt for inspiration, whether it’s visiting studios, art fairs, galleries, and museums, or rifling through the stacks at their favorite bookstores. Here, their favorite shops from around the world.

  • Skylight Books

    Skylight Books

    1818 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles | 323.660.1175

    Photo: Kelly Brown

    “This is my neighborhood bookstore and it happens to be one of the best on earth. It’s at this incredible crossroads of historic Los Angeles where artists, architects, musicians, and academics live creative lives against the backdrop of the Hollywood Hills, the Griffith Observatory, buildings by Lloyd-Wright and Neutra. The extremely savvy team at Skylight keeps the shelves stocked with perfectly curated stacks of fiction, kids books, history, and books about food.” -Adrian

  • Family


    436 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles | 323.285.2010

    “From Arcana in Santa Monica to Hennessy + Ingalls in Hollywood, Los Angeles has art book stores of a staggering quality. Family Books on Fairfax is an extra special spot that carries artist books, prints, zines and beautiful exhibition catalogs. This place is like an EKG of the art world. If you’re curious about where we are or where we’re heading in contemporary art, this is the place to go for an accurate pulse.”

  • Slow Culture

    Slow Culture

    5906 N. Figueroa St.

    “This is a place where people line up to see art shows. On our most recent visit, Ed and Deanne Templeton, Cheryl Dunn, and Tobin Yelland were in town for their group show, “Deadbeat Club: Mentally Retired.” They sell zines and original art and photographs by artists like Jay Howell, Tim Biskup, Jerry Hsu, and Ed Templeton.” -Athena

  • Harper's Books

    Harper's Books

    87 Newtown Lane, East Hampton

    “Harper’s Books specialize in rare photography, art, and literary books. They also have exhibitions of fine art and photography throughout the year. We recently met up with them at the Printed Matter: LA Art Book Fair and shared our love of the work of Sadie Laska. It’s a great store to find cool books and see original art by established and emerging artists.” -Athena

  • Shakespeare & Company

    Shakespeare & Company

    37 Rue de la Bûcherie, Paris

    “Paris is a city that is best walked across and the shop is a perfect stop after the Notre Dame and before a scoop of gelato. Living in Paris by myself as a teenager, I found refuge at this bookstore specializing in English-language literature. I discovered the books of Anaïs Nin and William S. Burroughs, two authors who visited the shop themselves.” -Athena

  • Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks

    Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks

    28 E. 2nd St., NYC | 212.989.8962

    “The Bonnie Slotnick experience has always been transporting and magical. Dealing almost exclusively in out-of-print cookbooks, the shop, which recently was run out of a brownstone in the West Village, was both humble in its presentation and heroic in its commitment to selling beautiful books that offered nothing less than the history of food. Last month she moved to the East Village where she will have much more space and a beautiful garden out back.” –Adrian

  • Printed Matter

    Printed Matter

    195 Tenth Ave., NYC | 212.925.0325

    “This is the ultimate artist book destination. With a rich history and two book fairs in New York and Los Angeles that host every amazing bookshop, publisher, zine maker, and cultural influencer together under one roof, Printed Matter is as much a movement as it is a bookstore. Exploring the stacks here takes you down a rabbit hole of ideas unlike any other in the world. Books made by artists are perhaps the most thoughtful and beautiful lenses through which to study culture.” -Adrian