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Nursery Inspiration

Jessica Wilpon Kamel, the co-founder and creative director of Edition01, lends us her mood boards and inspiration for the nursery and layette she’s prepared for her own baby, who’s on the way.

“I’m a total website and blog junkie so when presented with the project of selecting the best places to shop for babies online, I only had to take my hundreds of bookmarked sites and begin the arduous and addicting process of editing! My husband even took the laptop away from me and told me I had to take a break from looking at baby products! I obliged, but then went straight back to it.”

The Furnishings

A dream nursery comes to life in this mood board that Jessica created.

The Walls

Some of Jessica’s inspiration for the walls to complement her nursery layout.

The Layette

A baby preparedness kit with clothes, swaddles, blankets and stuffed toys.