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A Contemporary Dance Festival,
a Genius Travel App, and 13 Other
Things We’re Talking About

In partnership with our friends at Aunt Fannie’s and Weleda

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    Aunt Fannie’s Microcosmic
    Probiotic Power
    Multi-Surface Cleaners

    “Can a cleaning product prioritize wellness? I never thought this was possible until I learned about Aunt Fannie’s home-cleaning line. It’s brilliant. The multisurface cleaners and hand soaps—which contain Lactobacillus ferment, a probiotic ingredient—are incredibly gentle and free of any harmful chemicals. The solutions also have a pH that is parallel with that of our skin, which brings me so much peace of mind when I clean—twice over! I also love that they’re lightly scented with pure essential oils.” —Danniele Fernino, store manager, goop MRKT Nashville

  2. 2

    Weleda Sensitive Care
    Facial Cream

    “My love of Weleda Skin Food is undying, but I’ve added a new tube (I think the Weleda tubes are the chicest) to the mix. It’s a lighter formula that’s made for both sensitive and combination skin. I don’t exactly have either condition—except when I do. My skin, like most people’s, acts up when I’m stressed out and, not like most people’s, when I try too many skin-care products at once. Acting up consists of little sprays of red bumps, itchy patches, and actual breakouts (yes, I am fifty-five and still break out), and this little tube is an amazing combination of both soothing and moisturizing. The sweet-almond-oil-infused cream feels thick but light, nourishing, and above all super calming. I smooth it on when I start to feel the slightest twinge of skin unhappiness, and it heads any problems right off.” —Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

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    Tilley Hats

    “I love hiking, but sadly I hate wearing sunscreen (I know). This hat from Tilley saved my skin on a recent trip through Sedona and Taos. The desert sun is no joke, but thankfully the added protection of this cute, effective UPF bucket hat kept me shielded on the endless hikes through the Red Rocks. Now that I’m back in LA, it’s become my go-to beach hat.” —Jenny Westerhoff, photo editor

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    “I am currently obsessed with everything from Maisonette for my six-month-old daughter, Margot. They do the cutest collaborations. And I’m a total sucker for the mommy-and-me shop. Currently in my cart: a high chair, a Halloween costume, and far too many things with pom-poms! I can’t get enough.”
    —Nancy Matz, VP, brand partnerships & sales

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    The LINE Hotel

    “There’s nothing I love more than a staycation in Los Angeles, and my go-to since I moved here five years ago has been the LINE in Koreatown—a gem with a great pool, three fantastic restaurants, and fun nightlife options. When I found out the LINE had opened up a new property in Austin, I was excited to check out its design, location, and the Alfred Coffee in the lobby. An added bonus: The suites have a ton of wellness amenities, like an in-room facial, a sleep patch, and a jade roller. Working at goop, I’ve stepped up my wellness game, so I really appreciate these tiny but thoughtful additions—which saved me from adding more to my already full toiletry bag.” —Robert Vasquez, director, marketing & brand partnerships

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    Westman Atelier
    Eye Love You Mascara

    “I’m always on the hunt for a good day-to-night mascara. It’s hard to find one that can achieve both looks—never mind one that’s clean. I just discovered Eye Love You Mascara from Westman Atelier, and I am obsessed. It gives my lashes the most natural-looking lift during the day but can easily be built up at night for a more dramatic look. I recently wore it on a trip to Palm Springs and was able to go from poolside to a ‘no-shower happy hour’ in minutes.” —Natalie Bruno, associate buyer, beauty and wellness

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    The Little Market Basket

    “My favorite Sunday morning activity is hitting up the Brentwood farmers’ market. This tote is ideal for storing all of my finds, keeping my hands free, and avoiding all those plastic bags. And carrying this bag doesn’t just prevent waste. It goes a step further to better our world: The Little Market is a nonprofit whose mission to support craftswomen across the globe is one I love getting behind.” —Liza Green, senior manager, client services

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    Parlour 3

    “As a Nashville native, I was so excited when I heard that we would be opening a pop there, especially because it was in my 12th Street neighborhood. And I loved getting the chance to suggest some of my hometown favorites for our in-store events. At the top of my list: my one-stop shop for beauty, Parlour 3. It’s no secret the South loves a bit of glam, and it was fun to partner with Parlour 3 to host our signature clean beauty applications in-store so that our Nashville clients could try clean versions of their go-to products.” —Caroline McClelland, retail events coordinator

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    Genetic Garden

    “In a world of keto-this and intermittent-fasting-that, figuring out what to eat was becoming a game of trial and error. After meeting with Genetic Garden’s Emily Brown, an integrative and functional nutrition practitioner slash epigenetics expert slash Pilates pro, I felt like I had so much more clarity about my body’s actual needs. Emily looks at the whole picture—food sensitivities, energy levels, sleep habits, DNA—and does so in a way that’s easy and approachable. She sends you tests to do at home, recommends further analysis based on the results (adrenals, hormones), and comes up with a holistic, personalized game plan that you can implement right away. Some surprising learnings: I have a hard time metabolizing caffeine (no more p.m. coffee breaks), I have something called the ‘sprinter gene’ (spin classes are my new normal), and I now know which vitamin deficiencies and genetic predispositions to watch out for. It’s interesting stuff.” —Alyssa Nelsen Geiger, senior creative copywriter

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    Animal Rescue Community

    “My sister Kerith has always loved animals. Growing up, we had dogs, cats, goldfish, guinea pigs, sea monkeys, a turtle, a crayfish, hamsters, a frog, snails, hermit crabs, budgerigars, a sun conure, an eclectus, an African grey, and my nemesis, a snake. Last year, she and her equally animal-obsessed friend Molly turned their passion into a nonprofit, Animal Rescue Community. Their goal is to foster children’s innate love for animals, educate them about the different roles animals play in our society, and ultimately encourage them to become empathetic global citizens. This fall, ARC is running its first after-school program. So far, the sessions have featured a police K9 dog (and his person) and a beekeeper (and his bees). On deck: a wolf conservation group. I’m trying to convince her that they should run sessions for adults, preferably at goop HQ, but in the meantime I’m just so excited to watch it evolve—and to brag about my incredible sister.” —Aura Davies, deputy editor

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    “Vacations are bliss. Conversely, the weeks leading up to a vacation can feel hectic: a metaphorical sweaty sprint at work in an effort to tie up loose ends before getting on a plane to paradise. This past summer, seventy-two hours before takeoff, I hadn’t even Googled my destination. So I signed up for the personalized travel-itinerary app Journy in a panic. I filled out a short questionnaire on my likes and dislikes, then my Journy representative emailed me personally to home in on the kinds of things I’d otherwise have spent hours sussing out. Two days later, I received a thoroughly researched and vetted schedule for every day of my trip. The cutest coffee shops and best places to eat, touristy spots and local hole-in-the-wall ones. I could cherry-pick from the jam-packed schedule and take it as slowly as I wanted—all on an easy-to-use app.” —Diana Ryu, chief of staff

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    Moroccan Magic Lip Balm

    “I love this three-pack of lip balms. When the seasons change, I need one on me at all times!” —Nina Christensen, brand partnerships coordinator

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    Snake River
    Sporting Club

    “Snake River Sporting Club in Jackson Hole is the ultimate escape for adventurous types. In the winter, they have cross-country skiing, ice-skating, heli-skiing, a tubing hill, platform tennis, and more. And the new lodges are perfect for a cozy night by the fireplace—definitely more my vibe for a holiday vacation.”
    —Cat Stanley, manager, brand partnerships & marketing

  1. 14

    LA Dance Project’s
    Fall Festival

    “LA Dance Project recently unveiled its fall festival—LA Dances—with a private performance at its downtown theater. Principal dancer Janie Taylor choreographed the opening piece, which featured the dancers wearing gorgeous costumes from COS. The afterparty was hosted by LADP’s creative director and founder, Benjamin Millepied, and actress Margaret Qualley. It was a supremely magical evening. I’ll always remember the way the dancers floated across the floor and the light danced off their skin. All of us in the audience were rapt.” —Stacey Lindsay, articles editor

  2. 15

    Butcher + Beast

    “When chef and Beatrice Inn owner Angie Mar does anything, there’s a flair for the unexpected. Calling her newest project, Butcher + Beast, a cookbook is a bit of a misnomer. Sure, there are recipes—including one for an oxtail and escargot bourguignon, and even one for a truffle-gin and gold-dust martini. But the Johnny Miller Polaroids featuring Mar and her staff and regulars make the book more of a love letter to the restaurant industry. It’s beautiful and lively, teeming with anecdotes about late nights in tiny New York kitchens. Just like the Pat LaFrieda beef Mar serves, Butcher + Beast should be on your table.” —Sheely Taylor, associate manager, brand partnerships & marketing