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Windy City Love, Intuitive Astrology, and 13 Other Things We're Talking About
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Windy City
Love, Intuitive Astrology, and

13 Other
Things We’re Talking About


Smeg Coffee Maker

“I am in love with my Smeg coffee maker. It’s beautiful to look at—and it lets you control how much aroma you want in the morning. I set mine on high and sync it with my alarm clock, so I wake up to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee.” —Timothy Willis, customer experience manager

Smeg Drip Coffee Machine, Smeg, $200


B Vibrant Treatment

B Vibrant Treatment

“There are treatments, and there are treatments. Anything that happens at Bamford Haybarn Spa is the latter. The massages and meditation classes are better than any others in London, and I’m never one to pass up some farmhouse-inspired zen. The B Vibrant treatment involves Tibetan bowls, a vigorous scrub, and lymphatic-drainage massage with a side of gua sha. Every smear of cream, slick of oil, and grain of polish is organic, nontoxic, and scented with rosemary. After an arduous, spine-crushing flight, stepping through the crystal-infused space before collapsing on one of the heated beds is bliss. I never stop by without going around the corner to the sister café, Daylesford, for farm-to-fork snacks. This time I picked up the brand’s just-launched sustainable-living magazine, Seed. Like everything else Carole Bamford touches, it’s gorgeous.” —Rachael McKeon, travel editor

Bamford Haybarn Spa B Vibrant Treatment, Bamford, $220


Aura Wear

“Susanna Merrick is an intuitive and color consultant, but I believe her work transcends labels. Merrick sees the color and energy physically emanating from people, a gift she realized she had when she was quite young. She honed this skill and eventually founded Aura Wear, the business through which she helps people connect with their energy and discover their soul’s true colors. I sat with Merrick for just thirty minutes and left with a clear, empowered vision about the colors that best suit me. But even more profoundly, I felt closer to myself.” —Stacey Lindsay, articles editor

Aura Wear Reading, $225 for ninety minutes


Aviator Nation Vest

“I recently got this Aviator Nation vest, and it’s perfect for fall in LA—which isn’t really fall at all but a charming sixty-eight-degree version of it. I wore it to lunch with jeans and a tank top and the waitress remarked on my toned arms. Here’s what’s funny: My arms, while perfectly functional, aren’t remotely toned. The vest is like a magic vest cut in some kind of flattering way. In fact, I’ve never worn it without getting a compliment on it. And that groovy, ’70s sunburst on the back is the best.” —Danielle Pergament, editor at large

Aviator Nation Sunburst Vest, Aviator Nation, $395


Soji X Premium
Crystal Elixir
Water Dispenser

“Ever since we used the Soji crystal water dispensers at goop League, I’ve been wanting one for my home. It is visually stunning, and the crystals give it a tranquil and positive vibe. For now, I’ll settle for carrying Soji’s obsidian-crystal water bottle. The crystal reminds me to take it easy during the chaotic holiday season.” —Meghan Flynn, events coordinator

Soji X Premium Crystal Elixir Water Dispenser, Soji, $345


Clair by Rebag

“Rebag, the go-to destination for sourcing and selling luxury bags (the inventory is brimming with Hermès, Goyard, Vuitton, Celine, Gucci, and more), is launching Clair, an online instant appraisal index. All you do is type in the bag’s basic information—designer, style, size, color, and condition—and Clair will instantly tell you the resale value. This is the easiest process to sell a bag that I have ever seen!” —Ali Pew, fashion director

Clair by Rebag





“Now pregnant with my second, I’ve been reflecting on my first postpartum experience, particularly my utter surprise at the physiological effects of pregnancy, birth, and recovery. And not just my lack of knowledge. I couldn’t help but feel resentful that some people in my immediate circle were not all that sensitive to what recovery from a Cesarean actually means—physically, emotionally, mentally. The truth is that it’s major surgery, but because we throw around phrases like, ‘Oh, she had a C-section’ like it’s no big deal, new mothers pay the price. Bodily—a new resource for those going through this particularly WTF time in their lives—gets that birth and recovery are very much a big deal. In addition to its obsessively researched content (on anything from postpartum contractions and lactation to bleeding and constipation) that’s easily digestible and perfect for forwarding to friends, family, fellow new mothers, etc., Bodily also curates recovery kits for both vaginal and Cesarean births, breastfeeding basics, and hospital bag essentials.” —Kate Wolfson, executive editor

Bodily kits, Bodily, from $90


goop MRKT Chicago

“We turned to Chicago local Sasha Adler to turn our goop MRKT there into an elevated but completely warm and inviting space. She really nails the art of effortlessly mixing styles, furniture, and materials—which means the store looks and feels like your coolest, most stylish friend’s home. Now if only my apartment could look this good.” —Amy Liang, retail marketing and development director

goop MRKT Chicago, open through January 5


Poems by M Banks

“I usually scroll through my Instagram feed rapidly, but when @poems_by_m_banks pops up, I am reminded to slow down, reflect, and smile. A mix of esoteric spirituality and astute observation, these nuggets are thought-provoking reads that are perfect for midday reflection or even a deeper scroll with a glass of wine in hand.” —Kristin Whalley, In goop Health producer

Poems by M Banks


Stojo Collapsible Cup

“I love bringing a cup of coffee with me to work. In LA, I had the perk of just throwing whatever I needed to into my car. Now that I’m in NYC, I’m perpetually lugging all my belongings with me—from my apartment to my workout to the office and back. So having a space-efficient container for my coffee is super important. With my Stojo mug, I can bring my coffee with me in the morning, then collapse it and pop it into my bag for the commute home.” —Liza Green, senior manager of client services

Stojo Collapsible Cup, Stojo, from $15



Skin Camp

“I discovered Skin Camp when driving down Beverly Boulevard in LA one day and decided to invite one of my workplace besties, associate editor Sarah Carr, to try it out. We decided to take before-and-after pics and whip our complexions into shape with the lifting and contouring facial workout. It was inspiring. Sarah’s puffiness from a birthday party the night before was gone. Same for the fluid retention under my eyes from my recent travel. We left feeling glowy, gorgeous, and like we had some serious cheekbones going on. This is a boot camp I can get behind.” —Leila Benirschke, retail events manager

Skin Camp Sculpt Treatment, Skin Camp, $60 for thirty minutes


Carneros Resort and Spa

“After our last In goop Health wellness summit in the Bay Area, a few of us drove to Napa to spend the night at Carneros Resort and Spa. We split two cozy cottages that were connected by an idyllic back patio. The first thing we did was light the outdoor fire. It was seventy degrees out but felt and looked like fall. We got sandwiches and cappuccinos at the Market and agreed to leave the premises for an hour to do a wine tasting at Artesa, a hilltop vineyard a few miles away. We came back to Carneros’s heated pool—also on a hilltop—and the hot tub, which looks out at a spill of wildflowers, with valleys and mountains further in the distance. Yes, like a painting. Using the roomy outdoor showers attached to the cottages’ indoor showers would have been the most relaxing part of the trip if it were not for the Body Botany spa treatment, which included an olive leaf and rosemary scrub. If you eat dinner at the hotel’s FARM restaurant, get the chocolate candy bar for dessert: salted caramel ganache, flourless cake, ice cream. And we loved the fish tacos at the Hilltop Dining Room by the pool. And…everything else about the stay.” —Kiki Koroshetz, wellness director

Carneros Resort and Spa, from $591 a night


One by One Recycling Program

“They seem practically microscopic compared to the gigantic masses of plastic floating in the oceans, but just like other plastics, contacts make their way to the sea and choke marine life or pile up in landfills. And until now, they’ve been pretty impossible to recycle. (They’re filtered out of regular recycling programs because of their size.) But a brilliant new program from TerraCycle and Bausch + Lomb called ONE by ONE works to recycle any brand of used contact lenses and the blister packs they often come in: Get a free shipping label at and send them in, or drop them off at participating eye doctors. It’s that easy—and it couldn’t be more worth it.” —Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

One by One Recycling Program



Danielle Paige Reading

“A reading with intuitive astrologer Danielle Paige is far more comprehensive than a traditional birth chart reading. Paige is able to tap into your energy and give you a freakishly spot-on glimpse into the key areas of your chart (your soul’s purpose and path). She’s also a healer, and with her incredibly relatable approach to astrology, you feel like you’re getting read by one of your close girlfriends.” —Christina Schwarzenegger, assistant  editor

Danielle Paige Reading Birth Chart and Soul Purpose Reading, $550 an hour


EVEN Headphones

“My EVEN headphones are perfect for work and traveling. When I first got them, I took the company’s EarPrint hearing test, which adapted the headphones to my personal hearing pattern. And I love the look and quality.” —Nina Christensen, brand partnerships coordinator

EVEN H4 Headphones, EVEN, $149