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Photo courtesy of Sara Ligorria-Tramp. Design by Emily Henderson Design.

7 Ways to Renew Your WFH Space

What have we learned over almost a year of working from home? Tidy workspaces are much easier to be efficient in, and beautiful workspaces even more so. The right coffee setup can save the day. And sitting really is killing us, so it’s more than time to stand up. As we start the new year in this now very familiar place, here are some new WFH rules to live by.


A plant corner keeps on giving

Just seeing some hints of nature or green makes just about anyone feel more relaxed, and while they sit there looking fabulous, plants also filter the air. If you’re a plant killer, try watering less—overwatering is typically the problem.


Diffuse any situation

As little puffs of essential-oil-tinged mist pipe out of this cool little stone urn, you can almost feel your pulse slowing and your focus sharpening.


Make water breaks as diverting
as they used to be

Trips to the water cooler used to be a lot more eventful back in the office days, but take a minute to talk to a housemate, call a friend, or even just scroll on your phone to scratch that gossip-break itch. And of course, drink some water (add a little GOOPGLOW superpowder for nutrients, zest, and of course, glow).


Standing delivers

Stand instead of sitting and you ward off more unpleasantries than we can list here: a bad back, weight gain, early death… More than a few goop editors swear by this brilliant standing desk riser for its super sturdy construction, easy up-and-down lifting, and compact frame that easily fits two monitors with space to spare. Plus, it’s ready to go right out of the box.


Look smart

Since most of our waking hours are spent staring at and bathing in the blue light of our many screens, protective glasses are essential. GP’s favorite pair is a modern take on a classic shape, nonprescription, antiglare, and great for everyday use (even if you wear contact lenses).


A little décor makes any desk a happier place

Elevate any space with luxury homeware. These handblown glass vessels give even the dullest desktop a little instant glamour, hopefully inspiring surges of creativity. We straighten up our pens and pencils in the tumbler and toss lip balms and other desk miscellanea in the bowl every night as we end the day, so the next morning, all looks serene and curated, at least for a moment.


Upgrade your coffee break

If you’re missing the deliciousness—and distraction—your morning or midday coffee run used to provide, consider making more of your coffee ritual, whatever it might currently be. Pick your coffee as carefully as you pick your method (we love a pour-over, and we really love our new goop coffee). Pour the result into a chic glass mug and feel a little indulged along with your cleared mind and second wind.