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How to Make the Perfect Bed

They say you spend nearly a third of your life in your bed so you might as well as make it as comfortable and luxurious as possible.

The Right Linens

Linens should be 100% cotton in a high thread count, if your budget allows. Here are a few brands that offer high-quality options. If you have the time and inclination, ironed sheets make a world of difference.


The Martha Stewart Home Collection

This line is always dependable, and the bedding is no exception.



Frette makes ultra luxurious bedding and is sold all over the world.



43 Clarkson St., New York, NY | 212.255.8627

The New York City based Olatz makes super-refined linens and pajamas that are fit for a queen. The store itself is worth a visit, with its bold black and white tile floors and walls lined with dark shelving full of crisp sheets.


Dwell Studio

Dwell Studio offers bedding in a variety of patterns that are simple and modern. They have loads of cute linens, towels, and accessories for children and babies, too.


Plover Organic

Plover Organic makes bedding from 100% organic cotton. The fabrics, which have the sweetest patterns, are block-printed by hand.

Essential Oils

Lavender essential oil. Sprinkle this on sheets and pillows. Its fresh sent is said to be relaxing and help you sleep.

Organic Fabric Conditioner

Use organic fabric conditioner when you wash linens to make them feel fresh and soft.
Daylesford Organic
Seventh Generation

Goose Down

For super luxurious pillows and duvets, Hungarian, Canadian and Polish goose down is pretty great. You can buy a light comforter for summer and a medium one for when it’s colder and then combine the two for the winter. Cloud 9 Comforts has a huge array.

Mattress Toppers

I love the Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillow Top Mattress. My guests always say it’s like sleeping on a cloud. In the UK, Vi-spring makes the most comfortable mattresses.

Alarm Clock

To avoid a ruthless wakeup from a beeping alarm clock, Serenity Health offers a few that simulate gentle sounds and even a dawn simulator which imitates the light rising in the morning.