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How to Create a Healthier Bedroom for Kids

In partnership with our friends at Avocado Green Mattress

It’s fun to create a kid’s bedroom with the same stylish agenda as we do our own. Discerning aesthetics add depth and encourage blooming imaginations to full on blossom. The real challenge lies in finding age-appropriate décor that’s also responsible. We’re talking about high-quality furniture and accessories that are thoughtfully made and better for kids’ (and our planet’s) health. Thankfully, it’s getting easier.

  1. 1

    The Healthiest Mattress

    It’s where they sleep and grow and dream and play. It’s also the surface that their little bodies are in contact with for a significant part of the day—which makes having a mattress that doesn’t contain petroleum-based polyurethane foam and flame retardants (both of which emit harmful off-gases), critical. The GOTS-certified Avocado Green Mattress is made with 100 percent natural materials, including Dunlop latex, natural wool, and organic cotton, making for healthy, supportive, dreamy rest.

    child jumping on bed
    Avocado Green Mattress
    twin avocado
    green mattress

    Avocado Green Mattress, $959
  2. 2

    sound support

    Made of VOC-free sealant and reclaimed Douglas fir wood, this wood bed frame is an instant heirloom piece that gets even better with every dent, scratch, and scrape it weathers.

    avocado natural wood bed frame
    Avocado Green Mattress

    Avocado Green Mattress, $2,325
  3. 3

    All Wrapped Up

    Fair-trade produced and ethically sourced from artisans in Peru, this hand-loomed throw is the coziest companion for snuggles and bedtime stories. Plus, its colorful pattern is neutral enough to complement a kiddo’s evolving style.

    morrow throw blanket
    throw blanket
    goop, $299
  4. 4

    Head Rest

    They’re made of organic cotton and natural latex rubber shreds, which are cut

    from the same material used in the mattress. No synthetic toxic fibers in—or out of—sight.

    They’re made of organic cotton and natural latex rubber shreds, which are cut from the same material used in the mattress. No synthetic toxic fibers in—or out—of site.

    baby on bed playing with toys
    Avocado Green Mattress
    Avocado Green Mattress, starting at $79
  5. 5

    clutter keeper

    You don’t need an elaborate organizational system to keep toys in check. This basket is durable, made of natural jute, and makes cleanup a joy.

    J’JUTE basket
    goop, $300
  6. 6

    solar lessons

    Telling is great, but little ones learn best from showing, which is why this portable solar lamp is so smart. It needs five hours of charging in the sun for several nights’ worth of light. A brilliant—and friggin’ adorable—lesson in sustainability.

    flower shaped solar lamp
    Little Sun
    Solar Lamp
    Aldea Home, $27 SHOP NOW
  7. 7

    Snuggle Time

    Because what’s an organic mattress without cozy, luxe, sustainable, GOTS-certified flannel sheets to go on top?

    Coyuchi Twin Flannel Sheet Set
    Twin Flannel Sheet Set
    Coyuchi, $198
  8. 8

    Clean and Conscious

    Designer Lorena Canals brilliantly fixed the fundamental problem with placing beautiful, fluffy rugs in children’s rooms: She made her rugs washable. And then she raised the bar again by creating them with natural raw materials and dyes. (We also love how the brand supports children’s schooling in the region where the rugs are made.)

    LORENA CANALS washable rug
    Lorena Canals
    washable rug
    Maisonette, $269