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Kids art:

Commemorate the best, archive the rest

Kids are prolific artists, and while we love each and every one of their masterpieces, they can pile up to the point where the refrigerator, bulletin board, and playroom walls can’t accommodate anything else. Here, some ways to showcase the jewels—and archive the rest.

ArtKive + Plum Print


The ArtKive app lets you snap pictures of your kids’ art and collate them into a bound, hardcover book. If you’re not great with an iPhone, they offer a Concierge service, where they’ll scan it all for you and return the originals. Plum Print provides a similar service, minus the app.


Print All Over Me


We’re big fans of this site, where you can print any digital photo or drawing onto clothing. In addition to t-shirts and sweatshirts, they also have beanbags and textiles, the perfect canvases for scribbles and rainbows.

Jan Eleni


An old favorite from goop gift guides past, interior designer Jan Eleni scans your kid’s work and then designs it into a Damien Hirst-like grid. The end result is an archival print that’s worthy of prime living room real estate.


19 Queens Gate


Using water-based inks and natural fibers, this service will turn any drawing or painting into a cushion. It can be a perfect scan, or a crappy iPhone photo—they can make anything look amazing.

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