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Home Upgrades That Make a
Real Difference during Lockdown

In partnership with our friends at Kohler

Even if the cabinets aren’t yet fully dusted, the closets cleared out, or the drawers reorganized, fine-tuning your home to be as easy to live in and as delightful as possible is well worth the effort. So we’re sprinkling in a few next-level luxuries in the spaces where we spend a lot of time, like the kitchen and the bath. Three goop staffers share the home upgrades that have really changed things during shelter-in-place—the ones that make their everyday routines (washing dishes, sipping wine, using the toilet) feel a bit more elevated, peaceful, and enjoyable.

  1. Caitlin O’Malley

    Caitlin O’Malley

    food director

  3. If You Can’t Get to Japan…

    “When my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary, I knew exactly what to get him. The most romantic gift of all: a bidet. He had traveled to Japan the year before and really took to the ubiquitous bidet culture there, so I thought I’d bring the experience home. Making the gift anniversary-worthy was a bit of a stretch (the traditional present for year one is paper, but given that bidets essentially replace toilet paper, I think it still qualifies). I installed it in just a couple minutes, and it’s manually operated, so there’s no need for batteries or an outlet nearby. Needless to say, he loves it—okay, we love it! And I especially appreciate its quietness and sleek design. It’s very luxe and gives us that at-home spa vibe.”

  1. Samantha Saiyavongsa

    Samantha Saiyavongsa

    associate editor

  2. Sangre de Fruta, NEROLI NOIR HAND WASH
    Sangre de Fruta NEROLI NOIR HAND WASH goop, $48
  3. Andree Jardin, DISH KIT
    Andree Jardin DISH KIT goop, $60
  4. Wave Your Hands for Spotlessness

    “A misfire when ordering kitchen parts last winter ended up being the happiest accident: I’ll never not have a touchless faucet again. It’s much easier to keep everything clean while I’m cooking. There’s no need to fiddle with the faucet when my hands are covered in spaghetti sauce—I just wave at the sensor and the water turns on. And now more than ever, of course, I love that the process of handwashing is—for lack of a better word—cleaner. It gives me peace of mind to know there’s one less surface I need to disinfect at the end of the day, and it inspired me to make some sink-side splurges on fancy hand soap and simple yet chic dishwashing tools that elevate the whole area. There’s definitely no avoiding the kitchen sink during lockdown.”

  1. Sarah Carr

    Sarah Carr

    associate editor

  3. Dance with the Cosmos on Date Night

    “Last year, on goopcation, my husband, Blake, and I went to Sonoma’s SingleThread Farm for dinner. Beyond the sheer elegance of the meal and the way that the first course was delivered on a dewy, mossy log, I was obsessed with the Burgundy wine glasses. Each one is approximately the width of my face and light as air and makes you feel prettier (it wasn’t the wine, I swear). Later, I learned that the curves of the glass mimic the tilt angles of the earth, so each sip is basically a dance with the cosmos. I replaced our old glasses with a set of them, and they were worth it. We pull them out whenever we make a nice dinner, have an at-home date, or pick up Jon & Vinny’s, which shakes things up a little. Each sip is a joyful reminder of our wine country adventure last summer and feels much nicer than what I usually do—which is drink wine out of the same bistro-style glasses we use for water.”

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