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HAY Pops-In at Nordstrom

Back in 2013, under the leadership of Opening Ceremony alum Olivia Kim, Nordstrom made the radical move to free up some sales-floor space for an ongoing series of exclusive Pop-In shops; everyone from LA’s Poketo, to Nike, to beloved Parisian boutique Merci have participated, and on January 8th it’s Danish design firm HAY’s turn. Founded by Rolf and Mette Hay (read more about them here), HAY, and its accessory and gift-minded Mini Market offshoot, is all about reimagining utilitarian goods—storage boxes, hangers, office supplies, lighting fixtures, and tableware—in beautifully modern, color-happy ways. You can shop the collection all in one place online or in person at Nordstrom flagships, which is great considering that up until now, their US presence has been sparse.