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A New Trick for Winding Down, goop Sundries, and 13 Other Things We're Talking About

Fig Santa Monica, California

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A Great Night In, goop Sundries,
and 13 Other Things We’re Talking About



    “Vanessa Lee—the skin-care queen and proprietor of the LA-based med-spa The Things We Do—has a facial that I love. She uses her microneedling stamper, which she says helps the products absorb more deeply into the skin. Two days afterward, I still looked glowy.” —Diana Ryu, director of content operations

    THE HEALING FACIAL, The Things We Do, $225

  2. THE THINGS WE DO  Microneedling and Ampoule Set
    The Things We Do, $225


  1. Les Colognes
    Louis Vuitton

    “Because everyone needs Vuitton luggage for their fragrance.” —Ali Pew, fashion director

    Louis Vuitton Les Colognes Trunk, Louis Vuitton, $7,650

  2. Louis Vuitton Les Colognes Trunk
    Louis Vuitton
    Les Colognes Trunk

    Louis Vuitton, $7,650


  1. FIG Santa Monica

    “I met two girlfriends here recently for a glass of wine and a cheese plate, but we ended up staying for so much more. Chef Jason Prendergast’s sashimi, roast duck, and seared scallops are incredible, as is the indoor-outdoor setting, with its airy veranda, tons of greenery, and gorgeous tiles.” —Charlotte Ross Canet, creative copywriter

    FIG Santa Monica

  2. FIG Santa Monica
    FIG Santa Monica


  1. Freda Salvador Shoes

    “When I first looked at these leather oxfords, one of my favorite White Stripes songs—‘We’re Going to Be Friends’—started playing in my head. Now that they’re keeping my feet comfortable pretty much every day, they are my friends. And I love that they’re from a cool, female-founded brand.”
    Stacey Lindsay, articles editor

    Freda Salvador Wit Oxford, Freda
    Salvador, $365

  2. Freda Salvador Wit Oxford
    Freda Salvador Wit Oxford
    Freda Salvador, $365


  1. Ballyfin

    “I’ll always remember Ballyfin—the design of the Regency period home, the ornate antiques and Irish paintings, the surrounding Slieve Bloom Mountains. There’s nothing ordinary at that place. You can spend mornings getting lost on the estate’s 600 acres. You lounge by the fire in the afternoon, which I did while sipping whiskey and reading the new Sally Rooney novel. Then maybe you have a nap in your mahogany canopy bed before heading to the state dining room to eat roast chicken and truffled potatoes.” —Rachael McKeon, editor

    Ballyfin, rooms starting at $500

  2. Ballyfin
    rooms starting at $500


  1. Rope Class

    “I came back from wrapping our goop MRKT Austin events obsessed with Amanda Kloots’s workout classes. Kloots is so positive—and such a powerhouse. At seven months pregnant, she took us through a fifty-minute jump rope cardio class in the store that was the most fun workout I’ve done. She’s a former Broadway dancer and Radio City Rockette, and she’s created a signature jump rope. Her classes (which are primarily in New York) are so freeing, unique, and fun. We all were beaming afterward.” —Leila Benirschke, retail events manager

    Amanda Kloots Rope Class, Amanda Kloots, $28

  2. Amanda Kloots Rope Class
    Amanda Kloots Rope Class
    Amanda Kloots, $28


  1. Houzz App

    “I’m in the midst of planning a major home renovation, so any spare moment I have, I’m thumbing through photos on my Houzz App. I never thought I’d be so enthralled with range hoods and fireplace mantels. This has been such a great resource. And I love that I can share all of my ideas with my architect and contractor with one tap from the app.” —Katie Di Matteo, senior director, brand partnerships & marketing

    Houzz App, iTunes, free

  2. Houzz App
    Houzz App
    iTunes, free


  1. Yumi Finger Foods
    and Snacks

    “Yumi baby food has been a part of our family from the day my son first started eating solid food almost two years ago. He’d inhale the ratatouille, the squash-and-greens blend, the blueberry chia pudding, which was epic. But we were on our own once it came time for finger food and, eventually, big-people food. He’s since developed a taste for pizza and a mean French fry habit. (Like mother, like son.) Needless to say I have very high hopes for Yumi’s newly launched range of snacks and finger foods. If anything can set him straight, it’s Yumi’s answer to pizza bites (lentils, oats, mushrooms), cauliflower puffs, and spinach-bean-sweet-potato-millet bites.” —Kate Wolfson, executive editor

    Yumi Finger Foods and Snacks, Yumi

  2. Yumi Finger Foods and Snacks
    Yumi Finger Foods and Snacks


  1. Cheer Up,
    Mr. Widdicombe

    “Funny and beautifully written, this family saga set on Bainbridge Island in the Pacific Northwest is an escape to end all escapes. There’s tennis, there’s novel-writing, there’s the wild outdoors, and there’s much-discussed decorating indoors. The Widdicombe family has much to discuss in general—they are a mass of contradictions and contrasting agendas that intersect in brilliant ways—and the dialogue is just so good. It’s one of those books you hoard time with, and you float around in its atmosphere even when you’re not reading it. I hate that it ended—I loved being in it so much!” —Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

    CHEER UP, MR. WIDDICOMBE, Amazon, $17

  2. CHEER UP, MR. WIDDICOMBE by Evan James
    by Evan James

    Amazon, $17


  1. goop Sundries

    “My mom, my sister, and I stopped at the Rosewood Miramar in Montecito during a recent getaway to Santa Barbara. Of course we popped into the new goop Sundries. The space is striking. Designers Kate McCollough and Max Zinser painted the walls periwinkle blue. It is the most gorgeous, one-stop hotel shop I’ve seen.” —Cat Stanley, manager brand partnerships & marketing

    goop Sundries, Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel

  2. goop Sundries, Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel
    goop Sundries
    Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel


  1. Hello Bello

    “‘Hello Bello’ is just so fun to say. But way more importantly, this adorable line of diapers, baby-care products, and detergent is plant-based and really affordable. It’s also free of all the bad stuff, like petrolatum, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. I love that two of its cofounders are the lovely and inimitable Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard (hi, Dax!). I’m young and haven’t give a ton of thought to having kids just yet, but that said, this brand gives me a little baby fever.” —Janay Smith, social media coordinator

    HELLO BELLO products, Hello Bello, starting at $3

  2. HELLO BELLO products
    HELLO BELLO products
    Hello Bello, starting at $3


  1. Dr. Shari Auth

    “Many years ago, when I was a junior editor and was suffering from occasionally debilitating anxiety, a coworker sent me to Shari. She was the first person—through her presence, her needles, her touch—who managed to calm me. I’m thrilled that she’s opened WTHN and is bringing her powerful acupuncture to everyone in a highly accessible way.” —Elise Loehnen, chief content officer

    Dr. Shari Auth

  2. Dr. Shari Auth
    Dr. Shari Auth


  1. Salon

    “I was strolling down Charles Street in Boston when a gallery decked out in a floor-to-ceiling patchwork of floral Eskayel wallpaper stopped me in my tracks. Then I saw the adjoining café and boutique stocked with incredible textiles, lighting, and contemporary furniture—which, I learned, are mostly made by women. Owner Amanda Pratt conceived of the gallery and store to celebrate female designers who still have a ways to go to gain equal footing with their male counterparts. Stop in for an espresso—roasted by female-owned Tandem Coffee in Maine—and enjoy it in a beautiful Alexa Vega ceramic mug.” —Andrea Arria-Devoe, sustainability editor


  2. Salon


  1. Hydration Room

    “Last week, when I was feeling a little run-down, I headed to Hydration Room in Santa Monica. It was like a meditation in self-care. Afterward, I felt quenched—it was a good decision. And I love that they give you a bonus vitamin B shot the first time you go.” —Alyssa Nelsen Geiger, senior creative copywriter

    Hydration Room cold and flu remedy
    , prices vary

  2. Hydration Room cold and flu remedy IV
    Hydration Room cold
    and flu remedy IV

    prices vary


  1. Girls’ Night In

    “When I want to get together with friends but don’t want to deal with our regular bar rotation, I’ll turn to this weekly newsletter. It curates reading, activities, and tips for a great night in. It’s also a real-life club—a community for making new friends and forging deeper connections with the ones you already have.” —Kelly Martin, assistant editor

    Girls’ Night In newsletter

  2. Girls Night In newsletter
    Girls’ Night In newsletter