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Go Now: McCormick Pop Up at Pentreath & Hall

If you happen to be strolling through Bloomsbury this week, don’t miss the McCormick pop up: Here, Charlie McCormick, the man behind countless supper clubs and perfectly natural, un-fussy flower arrangements gets to boast all his talents. He’s filled the cozy room to the rafters with a stunning gradient of home-grown dahlias and chrysanthemums, and rustic English and French antiques, and is baking scrumptious goodies daily. It’s all happening next door to Pentreath & Hall, his partner Ben Pentreath—the architect and designer who’s just completed Kate & William’s country estate—and Bridie Hall’s shop (she makes all the decoupaged accessories and classical plaster ornaments in her studio upstairs). Beyond McCormick’s stunning presentation which is inspiring in itself, not to mention the treats, it’s fun to take a peek into this little hub of English bohemianism, charm, and creativity on Rugby Street. It’s the Bloomsbury Group 2.0.

Open through Sunday, November 1, from 11am daily. (Closed Thursday)