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Glossy Hair, the Show That Has Us Hooked, and 13 Other Things We’re Talking About
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Glossy Hair, the Show
That Has Us Hooked, and 13 Other
Things We’re Talking About

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Showtime’s The Affair

“I love the storytelling in The Affair. It gives us insight into each character’s individual point of view even as they go through the same experiences. The different perceptions allow us to see how the various conflicts are born. I’m always left wondering what really happened and feeling more and more connected to each storyline. Last season ended with an unexpected fate for one of the main characters, so I’m very excited to see how this show is going to end.” —Sharon Segovia, director of retail operations

The Affair, Showtime

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“I dream of having the kind of full, shiny hair I used to have, back when I didn’t appreciate it. I discovered Nutrafol at our In goop Health summit in May, and within weeks of my starting to take it, my hair felt healthier than ever.* I love that the ingredients are plant-based, so it’s good for me beyond just my hair.” —Noora Raj Brown, VP of communications

Nutrafol Women, Nutrafol, $88

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Chiqui Social

“It’s amazing how effortlessly kids pick up a second and even third language. We didn’t mean for our son to essentially be bilingual, but—please forgive my bragging—he totally is, thanks to his incredible nanny. There’s nothing I want more than to encourage him to speak more Spanish, but my own Spanish is…no bueno. Chiqui Social is a language-immersion learning space where littles can come for classes, playgroups, and camps that are led entirely in Spanish. The play areas are lovingly decorated in beautiful textiles, and there’s a test kitchen for cooking lessons as well as an outdoor area where they can shake their sillies out.” —Kate Wolfson, executive editor

Chiqui Social, from $25 a class



La Ligne x Cesta

“I admire La Ligne and Cesta Collective for their commitment to bringing social, environmental, and economic change to the fashion industry—and beyond. When these two female-founded brands partnered this summer on a collection of Cesta Collective lunch pails (made by female artisans in Rwanda) featuring La Ligne’s signature stripes…voilà: the perfect summertime handbag. We wanted to find a way to support the collection at goop and were thrilled to help host an event in the Hamptons to celebrate it.” —Jacqueline Schulze Weitzen, director of communications

La Ligne x Cesta Lunchpail bag, Cesta Collective, $395


Back to Nurture by Arrigo

“I am not a yoga-practicing, meditation-obsessed, green-juice person. So I was scared to go on Fiona Arrigo’s retreat. Would people cry? Yes. Would there be coffee and access to sugar? Yes. Would it be the kind of back-to-basics, embrace-the-elements accommodation I had heard whispers of? No. Would I starve? Absolutely not. Fiona Arrigo is a model turned psychotherapist turned intuitive and a real-life wise/wild woman who oozes a nonchalant, all-knowing glamour—even in her pajamas. She’s the kind of woman you want to laugh with, chant with, build a drum from scratch with, and even cry with—and the same goes for her team of massage therapists, breathworkers, and other healers. On the retreat, we walked the countryside in silence, spilled secrets into a blazing fire, devoured bowls of incredible vegetarian food, and sipped midnight mugs of tea by a roaring potbellied stove in a massive safari tent. The experience was like one big exhale.” —Rachael McKeon, editor

Back to Nurture retreat, from $2,400 per person for four days all-inclusive


GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator

“I love an instant-gratification product, which is probably why I’m obsessed with our new GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator. Whenever I feel like my skin needs some extra love, this stuff makes it instantly super soft and glowy—perfect for a no-makeup day. The mix of four powerful micromineral exfoliants and glycolic acid leaves my skin smooth and radiant.” —Ivy Benavente, senior buyer, beauty, wellness & home

GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator, goop, $125/$112 with subscription


Behind the Scenes Podcast Takeover

“Career alignment. Community. Intuition. Starting a business. These are a few of the things entrepreneur, coach, and humanitarian Emily Gallagher tackles in her podcast and coaching sessions. Gallagher recently teamed up with fellow thought leaders and podcast hosts Alexi Panos and Natalie Ellis for a podcast takeover series called BTS (Behind the Scenes). These brilliant women pool their wisdom and get really deep in their conversations about life, work, love—all the juicy stuff.” —Stacey Lindsay, articles editor



Me to We

“Now that my son is in preschool, the end of summer takes on a whole new meaning. Even toddlers have a summer reading list and a September school-supply list to abide by! I especially love an initiative like Me to We’s Back to School supplies at Walgreens, where every purchase gives back to teachers across the country through the We Teachers Program. The lunch boxes and backpacks come in fun colors, and with the ‘Track Your Impact Promise,’ it’s easy to see how your purchases are helping to create long-term, sustainable change.” —Wendy Laura, VP of marketing

Me to We Back to School Collection, from $2



Chefanie Straw

“New York–based chef and artist Stephanie Nass was so inspired by the Straws documentary that she created her own line of hand-rolled and hand-painted ceramic straws. Decorated in her signature floral patterns, these elegant sippers take reusables to the next level. Nass sold out of her first run, but she’s crafting tartan and candy-cane straws ahead of the holiday-party season. I couldn’t imagine a better hostess gift.” —Andrea Arria-Devoe, sustainability editor

Chefanie Ceramic Straw, Chefanie, $24


The Private Suite

“Traveling in and out of LAX is stressful by design: the traffic, the long security lines, the hustle. But there is none of that with the Private Suite. It’s a new private terminal in the back at LAX that offers a concierge service. You can wait for your flight in your own private room, which is filled with snacks, drinks, beauty products, floss—all the last-minute essentials. And when you’re ready to board, they’ll drive you to right to the plane, allowing you to skip all the lines. It’s really cool and so easy.” —Julia Fox, project manager

The Private Suite Annual Membership, from $2,700


Clase Azul Tequila

“Notes of toffee, or sherry, or wood: things I’m used to hearing about in a beer or wine tasting. But I never thought about tequila in the same way until I sat for a tasting with Clase Azul at the One & Only Palmilla in Cabo. The añejo was something really special—vanilla-y, caramelly, those wood notes. I can totally see myself serving it for a big celebration.” —Kelly Martin, assistant editor

Clase Azul Añejo Tequila, Clase Azul, $470



Tarryn Warren at Bodyism

“I’ve always been a good traveler, but after being in the air so much recently, I’ve been feeling bloated. While at our London store, I was chatting with one of our friends from Bodyism, a local private members’ gym, and she told me to book a session with skin miracle-worker Taryn Warren. Warren offers tailored treatments using her signature Body Ballancer massager. She is incredible. I left my treatment glowing and feeling lighter than I had in months.”
—Leila Benirschke, retail events manager

Tarryn Warren Facial and Ballancer Treatment, Bodyism, $298 and $120



Kensington Hotel

“On a recent work trip to London, I stayed at the Kensington Hotel for a night, and it was pure heaven. I loved it all: the neighborhood, the luxurious four-poster bed, the green juice upon arrival. My biggest regret? Not taking a long bath in the marble tub. Just one more reason to go back ASAP.” —Dylan Mullen, director of business development

Kensington Hotel, rooms from $335 per night


Taylor Made Cuisine

“I stumbled upon Taylor Made Cuisine during a desperate search: I was looking for a food service that would help me figure out what I could eat on a low FODMAP diet and spare me from spending all of Sunday meal-prepping. Taylor’s delicious meals are made of fresh, organic ingredients—and they’re delivered straight to my doorstep. I so look forward to my fancy individually packed lunches. If you’re in the Orange County or Los Angeles area, treat yourself!” —Emma Elliott, graphic designer

Taylor Made Cuisine Meal Plans, from $100



QUO Active Thong

“These are game-changing. Something I never knew I needed!” —Nina Christensen, brand partnerships coordinator

QUO Active Thong, Quo, $24

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