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Ultimate Closet Care

When you have a really fancy or important piece of clothing to care for, you generally take it to Madame Paulette, kind of the ultimate when it comes to dry cleaning. We asked John Mahdessian, of aforementioned Madame Paulette for some tips on transitioning a wardrobe from winter to spring.


Take Advantage of Sample Sales, even if your exact size is no longer available. Go a size or two larger and take to a trusted tailor to fit custom to your body—even better!


Time is the most important factor in stain removal. The faster you react the easier it is to get a stain out.


Garments that have shrunk or are stretched out are not unsalvageable, thanks to a process known as Blocking. Any reputable dry cleaner should have a machine or the capabilities to block a garment back to its original condition, or as close as one can get.


Always take your clothes out of the dry cleaner’s plastic bags when you get them home. Storing clothing in the plastic bags over time can cause a yellowing effect to your garments, especially on white clothing.


In order to prevent cracking of buttons on a blouse during cleaning, tape each button or remove them before cleaning and sew them back on after.


Bold patterned garments, such as a Pucci dress, should always be dry cleaned, as wet cleaning can cause the colors to bleed. If you do find yourself with a stain on such a dress, it is better to take it to a professional, as an at-home remedy could lead to pattern loss on the garment.


You can tailor, alter, and dye anything you desire to fit your sense of style.


When using at-home stain removal remedies, always choose detergents and soaps that are dye-free to prevent color loss in clothing. Madame Paulette also has an affordable, totally portable Stain Removal Kit that can easily fit in a purse or in a carry-on bag. You can find that online at for $12.50.

John Mahdessian is the owner and manager of Madame Paulette, a family-run business providing Dry Cleaning, Couture Restoration, Alterations, Bridal Preservation and Interior Cleaning. They are New York’s best drycleaners with Couture designers and art establishments among their clientele.