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Color Stories:
How to Take Interior Design Risks

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  • Kate Wolfson goop's executive editor

    Kate Wolfson

    executive editor

  • Interior designers embrace bold patterns and colors for a reason: They have the power to transform. But as goop’s executive editor, Kate Wolfson, will tell you, she’s no interior designer. And that’s the beauty of striking floral wallpaper, glossy paint, or a splash of texture: They give a space personality, emotion, even gravitas. In other words, they allow even the most un-design-y among us to fake it.

  • “I didn’t want to invest too much time, energy, or money in a place that I knew wasn’t our forever home,” says Wolfson, who, after years of renting, finally feels “empowered to make bigger design decisions.” She and her husband, Sam, recently bought their first house—a light-filled townhouse on LA’s Westside.

  • “It’s more space than our little family has ever really had,” says Wolfson, whose son, Sonny, will turn two this winter. Wolfson is going all in with color, texture, and patterns—starting with the dining room. She accented the far wall with an emerald-green block-print floral design from Tempaper, whose self-adhesive wallpaper—which is totally lead-free, VOC-free, and phthalate-free—makes choosing a design less of a commitment. Founded by sisters Jennifer Matthews and Julia Biancella Au, the company sends you samples, which you can apply, live with for a little bit, and then, if you’re not feeling it, easily take off, says Wolfson, who asked Sonny which swatch he liked best: “The whole family got to be in on the decision.”

  • Complementing the graphic floral pattern was surprisingly instinctual. Wolfson chose eclectic dishes and brass candleholders. She’s even adding some unexpected pink accents. “I feel like color makes a home feel lived-in and not too precious,” she says. “It’s fun.”

  • And it doesn’t stop at the dining room. Wolfson is looking to pattern-on-pattern sheets for the bedroom; quirky, artistic lamps for the living room; and maybe some art layered over her new dining room wall. “I’m excited to let my boldest inclinations really have their moment.”