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Photos courtesy of Douglas Friedman

Casa Perfect New York: The Gallery Space Merging Art, Design, and Irreverence

A frame of greenery, glossy black doors, a colossal English oak staircase, and more natural light than seems possible: These are the things that greet you as you walk into Casa Perfect New York, the newest, appointment-only gallery by the Future Perfect founder David Alhadeff.

To understand the drama is to appreciate the genius of the man behind it. David Alhadeff creates spaces that are stunning and nonconforming. Some might say radical. At Casa Perfect Los Angeles (where we recently shot the G. Label Core Collection), Alhadeff brought together otherworldly lighting and furniture pieces by Dimore Studio and Lindsey Adelman in a midcentury Rex Lotery–designed house where Elvis used to live. To walk through the home (which now belongs to Alhadeff) is to see the highest forms of design in a setting that is less precious and more lived-in-seeming.

Casa Perfect New York is every bit as dramatic. Once you can catch your breath after seeing the giant staircase (it took us a minute), the townhouse is yours to take in. Walk around the different levels and you’ll see pieces that marry textures with unexpected colors and finishes. A tall, architectural mirror by Bower Studios looks like it’s standing guard over a light-green ceramic Floris Wubben table. A shiny aluminum Chris Wolston table holds ground below a chandelier that looks like suspended fireworks of feathers. Upstairs the master bath is washed in marble and finished with whimsical, candy-like glass lighting by sustainable glassworks designer John Hogan. Even the overall layout—open, light-filled, expansive—is an affront to the typically narrow, denser feeling of most turn-of-the-century townhouses.

Casa Perfect New York—or any of Alhadeff’s spaces—is proof that there are no barriers between beauty and art and design. There is only what feels right. And to Alhadeff, what feels right is a space that celebrates the work of incredible creators and honors the curiosity of us mortals. After we’d pored over every crevice and light-reflecting facet, we walked back through the giant front doors onto the streets of Manhattan feeling as if we’d just witnessed a secret so much of the world has yet to know.

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