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Ugly Vegetables, Better Bulbs, and 13 Other Things We’re Talking About

In partnership with our friends at Brilli


Brilli Wind Down Bulbs

“For me, the ultimate luxury is getting into bed early, having ample time to read, and falling asleep as soon as I close my book and my eyes. Perhaps because I was not a good sleeper for much of my life, these days, I am all about finding ways to perfect my sleep routine. So I was excited to try Brilli’s Wind Down bulbs. They cast a soft light that’s less than 1 percent blue, creating a warm glow intended to help promote relaxation as you start to, well, wind down. Last year I bought a pair of blue-light-filtering glasses, and I try to wear them in the evening if I have to be on my computer—so I’ve seen the impact that reducing my blue-light exposure toward the end of the day can have, and I love the idea of taking it one step further with these bulbs. (Brilli’s collection also includes Charge Up bulbs, which cast a cool, bright light with the optimal amount of blue designed to encourage alertness and focus, and Get in Sync bulbs, which combine the functionality of Charge Up and Wind Down into a single bulb.) My sleep routine may not be low-maintenance (Wind Down bulbs + Felix Gray glasses + G.Nite bath + lavender oil + Dohm sound machine + Knock Me Out, when I need an extra nudge toward zzz’s), but it works for me, and the Wind Down bulbs have become an essential piece of it.” —Aura Davies, deputy editor





“The prettiest new room in New York is nestled on the second floor of Fotografiska museum in Gramercy Park, and it’s designed by—who else?—the ultimate arbiters of taste Roman and Williams. But there’s more to the place than impossibly high ceilings, arched windows, and a cocktail bar that will leave you swooning. The restaurant is a Stephen Starr property, which means you’ll want to stay for dinner. Stop by an exhibit on the way in, treat yourself to the chicken Kiev and oysters, and congratulate yourself on curating a perfect New York evening.” —Noora Raj Brown, VP of communications

Veronika NYC


ESPA Spa at Baha Mar

“2020 is all about self-care and adventure for me, so the new luxury ESPA spa at Baha Mar was an ideal escape. The Bahamian Influence Therapy treatment restores inner rhythm and balance for the mind and body. It includes a local medicinal plant called Bahamian Bush, essential oils, and sea salts. The full-body and facial massage also uses a poultice to help encourage clarity, peace, and relaxation. Oh, and the view was amazing.” —Alexis Antoniadis, social media manager

Bahamian Influence Therapy, ESPA Spa at Baha Mar, $250 for 80 minutes


Little LAMMA

“Is shopping for the perfect baby or toddler gift an unbearable experience? Not at all. Is it time-consuming and kind of a crapshoot? Yes. Yes, it is. That’s where Little LAMMA swoops in to save the day. Armed with just a few facts about the tiny recipient, this concierge service will email you a list of adorable giftables in your price range. They’ll go back and forth with you for as long as it takes to nail the perfect one, then ship it over to the address of your choice—gorgeously gift-wrapped, of course.” —Kate Wolfson, executive editor

Little LAMMA, prices vary


The Dylan

The Dylan

“The pleasure of a night spent in a great hotel in an even greater city—hello, Amsterdam—cannot be overstated. The Dylan, in a renovated seventeenth-century building, sits on the cusp of Keizersgracht (the Emperor’s Canal) in the obscenely elegant Nine Streets neighborhood. The abundance of quietly luxurious elements—speedy room service, a gorgeous magazine selection, orchids everywhere—will make you feel right at home. But the hotel’s crowning glory is the wood-paneled lounge area, replete with an always-lit fire and leather sofas that invite sitting down and staying put. We canceled our dinner reservations to have broccoli tempura, juicy burgers, and a bottle of red in the Dylan’s bar—finishing off the last drops in front of that blazing lounge fire. When we eventually did leave the hotel, it was on bikes conveniently parked in the courtyard with a slew of recommendations from the concierge marked on maps in our pockets. Turnip gnocchi at nearby Janz, a nose through the Rembrandt House Museum, and bundled-in-warm-wool strolls along the many canal banks at dusk are highlights not be missed.” —Rachael McKeon, travel editor

The Dylan, rooms starting at $435



“If you’re not the engagement ring type, boy, do I have an engagement ring for you. They’re made by Jess Hannah and Chelsea Nicholson of Ceremony, a jewelry brand that’s built on the idea of celebrating good. The rings are made for the design-conscious, with responsibly sourced vintage stones and metals from sustainable mines, which means these extraordinary symbols of love come—as they always should—with a clear conscience. When you know, you know.” —Diana Ryu, chief of staff

Ceremony Jewelry, starting at $590


Ladies Aligned

Ladies Aligned

“I remember their smiles. I met Melissa Martin and Sandy Vo at Unfair Advantage in New York City last year. They approached me with such warmth and genuine kindness that I was instantly smitten. And then I learned about their endeavor—Ladies Aligned—and was emboldened. Ladies Aligned is a positive community for entrepreneurial women seeking that extra support, extra counsel, extra encouragement to help them break through fear and get to the next level of their careers. It connects women with tools, education, and resources to help them thrive. Melissa and Sandy’s energy abounds online, but they also bring Ladies Aligned to life with a three-day-long event and workshop called Align & Rise. I’ll be at the next one, in May, and I can’t wait to see all the barriers that will be broken. These two women prove that kindness is the strongest currency.” —Stacey Lindsay, articles editor

Ladies Aligned, May 1-3


Alison Roman’s Dining In

“I recently gave this book as a hostess gift, and it did not disappoint. Roman’s recipes are my go-to for easy entertaining. I Iove that they’re trendy but still classic. And the overall design of Dining In is both airy and beautiful. I cannot recommend this book enough.” —Peri Gruenwedel, production designer

Dining In, Amazon, $30


Stalk Alice Astrology Reading

“I’ve had my fair share of experiences with psychics—good and awful—but getting an astrology reading feels more tangible to me. I recently attended a yoga retreat where I had a reading from Alice, and she was so thorough and in depth. We covered transits and what she could see for me in my near future, in my career, relationships—even when I’m supposed to have kids! I left with a lot of clarity and comfort.”
—Sandra Slusarczyk, fashion and market assistant

Stalk Alice Private Astrology Reading, $125


Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods

“Forty percent of the food in the US goes uneaten, says the NRDC—and if food waste were a country, it would come in third after the United States and China in terms of impact on global warming, according to The Washington Post. We waste approximately 30 percent of all the food we produce, says the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, contributing 8 percent of all greenhouse gases and taking up acres of landfill space every year. Imperfect Foods has come up with a delicious, brilliant, money-saving solution. You shop the site (we found everything from Brodo broth to Beyond Meat sausages to gorgeous organic avocados, blueberries, and more), and it’s delivered to your home the next day. All of it is on average about 30 percent cheaper than the same things you’d find in the supermarket. And why is perfectly good food rejected from grocery stores anyway? Imperfect cites cosmetic appearance (‘ugly’ or ‘scarred’), off-spec (doesn’t meet the strict specifications of the buyer), excess inventory, undervalued (not enough demand), packaging changes, and short-coded (doesn’t meet the expiration date deadline) as common reasons. Whatever the reasons, you don’t really detect them in your delivery. Bonus: Imperfect gives simple recycling instructions for its delivery materials—boxes, insulated liners, and ice packs—or Imperfect will take them back and recycle or donate them on your behalf. These are home-delivered groceries we can feel much, much better about. No-brainer.” —Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

Imperfect Foods, prices vary


Frieze Los Angeles

“This February 14, I’m skipping the crowded restaurant scene for a trip to the back lot of Paramount Studios. Frieze Art Fair is back for its sophomore show in Los Angeles and will be setting up a gallery tent and taking over the NYC-inspired outdoor set to show off works from over seventy galleries—plus a program dedicated to emerging talent, films from the likes of Tao Hui and Matthew Barney, and talks with artists. If spending hours art-gazing isn’t your thing, it’s still worth checking out: The program-only entry is only $25 and gets you into the outdoor area, where an artists’ street fair, pop-ups, and food from LA faves, like Roberta’s and Sqirl, will be on offer. Beats the Valentine’s Day prix-fixe menu!” —Sarah Carr, associate editor

Frieze Los Angeles, February 14 to 16


Wisdome Immersive Art Park

“Last year, my friend sent a Pink Floyd cover band event listing to our group text. I’m not a particularly huge Pink Floyd fan, but when I realized it was hosted at the Wisdome, a new immersive art park in downtown LA sprawled across three large dome structures with interactive virtual reality and visuals, I was in. Needless to say, we have been back many, many times since for cacao ceremonies, sound baths, virtual reality experiences, meditation workshops, and performances by some incredible artists. It’s like a mini festival, and what’s unique is that you can enjoy a concert while watching talented visual artists project their creations across the top of the dome while you dance underneath or lie back on a couch to take it all in. By far my favorite experience is the digital artist Android Jones’s SAMSKARA exhibition, which takes you on a beautiful journey through the story of creation and consciousness. Jones truly transports you to another universe—and it’s mind-blowing.”
—Leah Bedrosian, research scientist

Wisdome Immersive Art Park, Los Angeles


Strong Roots

Strong Roots

“We are frequent samplers of all manner of plant-based goodies here at goop: juiced, powdered, sautéed, raw. Some are more appealing than others. I recently came across Strong Roots, which makes plant-based frozen foods, like Broccoli & Purple Carrot Bites and Beetroot & Bean Burgers. For someone whose idea of a good time is Netflix and pizza bagels, having the ability to quickly prep a meal that’s plant-based and made with only ingredients that I could actually find at the store—no space-food powders here—makes it easy to be smarter about what I’m eating. And the Cauliflower Hash Brown made me crave vegetables the morning after having a martini or two.” —Sheely Taylor, associate manager, brand partnerships & marketing

Strong Roots, starting at $5


Elf Café

“Our fashion art director Michelle Park and I recently went to this vegetarian restaurant for dinner, and it was incredible. We shared a bunch of appetizers and then had the vegetarian burger—with toum, harissa, sumac onions, mozzarella, capers…heavenly.” —Sarah Rose, stylist

Elf Café



Our Place

“I recently attended a Lunar New Year celebration hosted by the founders of Our Place, a new line of cookware. It reminded me that sharing a meal together is an opportunity to connect, to create new memories with new friends, and to reflect on the stories that shape who we are. We went around the table, each sharing a personal anecdote related to food, all while drooling over—and devouring—the heavenly meal prepared by chef Jenny Gao. Unsurprisingly, the conversation kept finding its way back to the platters, glasses, and place settings on the table. The experience, in a word: Bourdainian.” —Justine Baldwin, editorial project manager

Our Place Kitchen Essentials, starting at $40