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An OG Sushi Joint, an Actually Funny
Rom-Com & 13 Other Things
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    NYC’S PUBLIC HOTEL “I just went to the new Ian Schrager hotel PUBLIC on the Lower East Side. It is a beautiful mix of spaces (garden, café, bar, performance space /club, rooftop, and gift shop), and everything, with the exception of the hotel rooms (obviously) is open to the public. My friend and I stopped into the new Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant, and can’t stop talking about the truffle pizza and the salmon tartare.”—Iman Leslie, customer experience


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    THE BIG SICK “I went into this with high expectations: husband-and-wife duo Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, who co-wrote the script loosely based on their own courtship, are both insanely talented and funny. And the movie was perfect—at once touching and hilarious, complex and lighthearted—which is actually pretty hard to pull off, considering much of it takes place in a hospital.”—Jessie Geoffray, assistant editor


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    ROSÉ TO-GO “I know it’s kind of basic, but I’m a sucker for rosé. I also happen to be a huge fan of portable alcoholic beverages (read: wine in a can), so I was delighted to come across Una Lou rosé, my new summer obsession. Made by Andrew Mariani—one half of the brother duo behind Sonoma’s Scribe winery—and his wife Lia, this Pinot tastes simultaneously sophisticated and easy. Perfect for picnics, outdoor movies, or a simple night at home, I plan on keeping my fridge stocked with it well into the fall…”—Thea Baumann, food editor

    by Jeremy Fox with
    Noah Galuten Phaidon, $49.95

    “My sister recently gave me the book On Vegetables by Jeremy Fox, the chef at Rustic Canyon, for my birthday. I’m lucky enough to live a mile from the Green City Market in Chicago, probably one of the most amazing farmers markets in the country, so I spent my entire 4th of July weekend devouring every page. It’s full of drool-worthy recipes that make vegetables the focus of any meal. Jeremy also teaches proper kitchen storage to extend the life of your produce. (Something I’m always trying to get right.)” —Sarah Jarvis, director of Partnerships and Sales


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    KOREAN CHICKEN TACOS “This recipe is a breeze to make and so delicious. Although the instructions call for a pressure cooker, I used a slow cooker on low for eight hours. When I got home from work, my dinner was ready. It’s quickly become an instant favorite around our house.”—Megan Converse, graphic designer


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    SHIMA “As far as Abbot Kinney goes, this place is OG Venice. It’s under the radar, but still feels modern. When I was in Japan, I couldn’t wait to get back to Yoshi and Yumi’s counter for their brown rice sushi. It’s heaven.” —Kelly Egarian, client experience


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    WHAT THE HEALTH “Thanks to my mom, I have always been interested in the power of nutrition and food as medicine. I just watched “What the Health,” which espouses the irrefutable health benefits of a plant-based diet. Now it has me re-thinking the role of meat (and other animal products) in my day-to-day.”—Erin Cotter, VP of beauty


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    QUINCE “I threw my husband a birthday party at Quince in San Francisco a couple weeks ago and holy guac, what an experience! It was one of the most memorable meals of our lives. Husband and wife team, Lindsay and Chef Michael Tusk have found a way to infuse the food, the space, pretty much the whole thing with so much love that it makes this fine dining experience incredibly modern—and special.” —Brittany Pattner, experiential creative director

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    CUATRO CUATROS  “I am obsessed with this glamping spot in Mexico called Cuatro Cuatros, which is tucked into a vineyard in Ensenada and is made up of a handful of stylish, comfy tents (with beds) and has a tasty Mexican restaurant on-site. The best part is the outdoor bar with the most incredible views overlooking the coast. Plus, it’s a short drive from the wine tasting region, Valle de Guadalupe, so it makes a great home base for a day of wine tasting in the valley.”—Christine Waters, assistant buyer, home

  • Goop 15 Paravel
    Packing cube trio Paravel, $55

    PACKING CUBES “I just got back from six days in Ischia, Italy, with friends and because it was going to take me two flights, two

    taxis, and a ferry ride to get there, I was determined to fit everything in my carry-on. A few of my travel-savvy friends have waxed poetic about the merit of packing cubes, but I never thought I needed them. (I consider myself an expert packer with a well-honed rolling technique.) Well, I was wrong. I

    used the larger cube for long dresses, the middle sized one for cover-ups, and the little one for accessories and bathing suits. They’re the packing unlock I never knew I needed, but now seriously can’t live without.”—Nandita Khanna, editorial director


  • Goop 15 The Bright Hour
    A Memoir of Living
    and Dying by Nina Riggs Amazon, $18

    BRIGHT HOUR “Nina Riggs’ memoir, The Bright Hour, opens with a Ralph Waldo

    Emerson passage that reads: ‘That is morning; to cease for a bright hour to be a prisoner of this sickly body and to become as large as the World.’ This is fitting: Not only is Riggs descended from Emerson, but the poet and mother of two young boys was diagnosed with terminal cancer when she was 37, and passed away earlier this year. Her memoir is powerful and gripping and also, brilliantly, laugh-out-loud funny—the perfect reminder that every day here is a gift, and that every day is an opportunity to leave an indelible mark on those who you must leave behind.”—Elise Loehnen, head of content


  • Goop 15 YUMI Starting at $50/week

    BABY’S FIRST SUPERFOOD “Starting my baby on solids has been a cause for both excitement and genuine terror. Yumi, an adorable new pediatrician/nutritionist-approved baby-food delivery company, makes the whole experience a pleasure. The basic purees (sweet potato, pear, white beans, etc.) are great for introducing new tastes and textures; it tastes just like I made it from-scratch…but better. In a few months he’ll get to try the more advanced flavors, like the sweet-potato-pepper-apple-chard-and-quinoa blend. (Full disclosure: I tried several—they are legitimately delicious, even by grownup standards.)”—Kate Wolfson, deputy editor


  • Goop 15 MORROW
    Linen Sheet Set goop, $275

    PILLOW TALK “I just upgraded my sleep with Morrow linen sheets. They have the most beautiful texture and are incredibly soft. Now every night I get to crawl into a big white cloud!” —Eileen Hayes, fashion and market editor