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A DIY Holiday Garland

Stephanie Schur, owner of Santa Monica’s stunning Botany Flowers, showed us how to make modern arrangements for getting appropriately festive.

Small Arrangement

1) “I use a vintage brass wine goblet, but you can use anything—old mason jars, jam jars, or any small vases you have around. Choose 5 to 6 flower stems or pieces of greenery.” 2) “Gather the stems in your hand to make a small bouquet. Take the twine and wrap together tightly.” 3) “Cut the bottom to make sure the stems are even and the right length to fit in your selected vessel.”
4) “The finished product! It doesn’t have to be perfect and looks great if it’s a little wild.”


1)“Pick out some long leafy or texture-rich branches or greenery of your preference.” 2) “Cut down about three stems to a size that is easy to work with and 3) attach using a few pieces of wire. Repeat, adding 3 branches at a time, until you start to see the garland reach your desired length.”

Putting it all together…

1) “Lay down the garland in the center of your table. Tuck the simple arrangements into the garland and space them out evenly.” 2) “Add a few rustic branches and clusters of fruit throughout for color and texture.” 3) “At the end, I add candles for a little bit of light and elegance.” 4) “If you don’t have a long dining table, this will look just as nice on a mantel or a buffet table.”

Photography by Beth Yorn