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A Brilliant San Francisco Designer on How to Work Color into a Space

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Chloe Warner goop
Chloe Warner

| interior designer

Interior designer Chloe Warner works with color in a daring way that somehow manages to feel both cool and subtle. “I have the entire Farrow & Ball assortment committed to memory,” admits Warner, who leans on the uniquely saturated paint colors for projects big and small. “Every commission starts with photos, fonts, scraps of paper, a paint chip, anything that puts us and the client on the same page visually,” she says. Warner’s Bay Area firm, Redmond Aldrich Design, balances a distinctly modern, youthful energy with a sense of lived-in tradition in projects that range from a luxe penthouse and the gorgeous, women-run Ayla Beauty in San Francisco to an Airstream trailer in Montana.

As you might imagine, she’s incredible with both paint and (the occasional, well-chosen) pattern. Her best resource, she says, is Farrow & Ball, the British paint and wallpaper brand famous for its irreverent, visually arresting aesthetic. Warner loves that the paints are eco-friendly and water-based, too. “Paint is such an easy way to infuse emotion into a space,” she says. “And with Farrow & Ball, even if you dip your toes in something a little more daring, like Calamine (a murky pink—like the lotion) or Studio Green (a deep, dark green that sometimes looks black, amazing for cabinetry), you can feel confident it’s going to be tasteful and beautiful.” Warner gave us some supremely useful decorating and painting tips—and we’re super inspired.

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  • Green wall interior
  • More Is More

    “When painting an entire room, I like to really commit and paint the trim as well. It feels more modern and less preppy. Almost all of my clients are nervous to try this at first, and every time, the end result is stunning. We did a breakfast nook in head-to-toe Breakfast Room Green by Farrow & Ball, and it really sings.”

    Farrow & Ball Breakfast Room Green, Farrow & Ball, from $110 per gallon
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  • Floral arrangement in vase

    “Plants and flowers are the best way to bring life into a house. The look, the scent, and the fleeting nature of flowers all make me so happy. Katie Chirgotis of Eothen in Santa Cruz does the loveliest wild arrangements.”

    Eothen custom floral arrangement, Eothen, from $100
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  • Josef Albers in Mexico book

    “My secret source for great under-the-radar books is the museum bookshop. My most recent purchase was after the Guggenheim’s Josef Albers in Mexico exhibit. It’s a gorgeous show and a stunning book.”

    Josef Albers in Mexico Exhibition Catalogue, Guggenheim Store, $50
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  • Wood high ceiling interior

    “Consider every surface in a room. So often, ceilings are ignored, or left ‘renter’s white,’ which looks so sad. Take full advantage of paint, wallpaper, or paneling. It can make a huge difference in the way a space looks and feels.”

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  • Terri Loewenthal's 'Psychoscape 08' wall art

    “If possible, every room should have a piece of original art that you love. I’m coveting one of Terri Loewenthal’s Psychscapes.”

    Terri Loewenthal, Psychscape 08 (Peach Springs Canyon, AZ), 2018, Terri Loewenthal, price upon request