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8 New-To-Us Niche Magazines

It’s amazing that in this digital age, there are still brave souls out there busting their backs to keep print alive. As if that weren’t enough, these indie publications are reinventing the concept, too, taking a step back from the safety of the fashion/lifestyle model and actually experimenting with unique, niche content. Here, the indie mags crowding our coffee tables—some are brand-new, some just new to us—but all worth picking up at the newsstand.

  • Wax


    In a nutshell, this is a beautiful biannual publication aimed at the urban surfer with killer taste and a jam-packed social calendar.

  • Adult


    While it features well-written, beautifully photographed erotica and skews more artsy than raunchy, it’s still definitely NSFW.

  • The Plant

    The Plant

    Considering gardening has been enjoying a Renaissance of sorts lately, it only makes sense that someone would launch a journal that speaks to the modern farmer. Each issue is themed around a specific plant.

  • The Gourmand

    The Gourmand

    When it comes to food-centric magazines, we say, the more the merrier. With its book-quality paper and insane art, UK-based biannual The Gourmand is arguably the most gorgeous of the bunch—well worth the $20 cover price.

  • The Travel Almanac

    The Travel Almanac

    The target audience for this artful travel mag is definitely dudes, but with a contributor roster that includes Gia Coppola, Juergen Teller, and Rick Owens, there’s plenty for the girls, too.

  • Cat People

    Cat People

    Yes, it’s technically a magazine that focuses on felines, and yes you kind of have to love cats to truly enjoy it, but man do the Aussies who launched it get points for creativity!

  • Another Escape

    Another Escape

    Less about travel and more about exploring, this has breathtaking photo essays, long-form pieces covering all manner of topics (usually presented from the point of view of several people), and profiles on indie makers and doers.

  • Chickpea Magazine

    Chickpea Magazine

    A gourmet magazine devoted to veganism and whole-foods cooking is a pretty great idea and these guys execute it really well. The stories range in topic from feminist food writing to recipes—while they’re beautiful to look at, they’re genuinely useful, too.