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Zoom-Meeting Towels, 2021 Horoscopes, and Clean Pet Shampoo: What We’re Talking about This Month

In partnership with our friends at Concrete Collaborative

At goop, we’re always looking for perfect gifts to buy, great places to eat, and under-the-radar brands to shop. So when it comes to what’s new or the cool and obscure, we often turn to our coworkers for their advice and brilliant recommendations. Each month, we share the fifteen best things the goop team is currently loving, including the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, and the voices we’re listening to.



“When I flew to the Big Island to set up our new store at the Auberge at Mauna Lani, I never expected to return home with a construction project on my calendar. Walking into the store feels as instantly soothing as a Hawaiian sunset, and the soft-pink terrazzo floors from Concrete Collaborative deserved the gasp. Handcrafted in Southern California, the tiles are truly striking: They feature natural stone aggregates that come in different combinations, making them easily customizable for any space. Safe to say, the crew at Concrete Collaborative (it’s a small family-run business) made my Hawaiian fantasy come true in my home. And yes, I still let out a quiet gasp every time I step out of the shower.” —Kelly Egarian, private clients director

VENICE ALABASTER LARGE PINK CHIP TERRAZZO TILES, Concrete Collaborative, $15 to $20 per
square foot



“Like many people, over the last eleven months, I’ve become a connoisseur of soft knits and elastic waistbands. My love language is a polished look with a pajama-like feel. Recently I discovered a brand that nails both requirements: Founded by fashion industry vets Amy Jiang and Showly Wang, Pairess launched shortly before the pandemic and quickly pivoted from a planned workwear drop to a work-from-anywhere collection of easy mix-and-match staples. My current go-tos are the Patsy pants and the Serena top. Done in a Tencel modal fabric sustainably made from recycled wood fibers, they’re stretchy and velvety-soft but hold their shape and drape beautifully. And the brand places a premium on doing good: When possible, it purchases surplus fabric that would otherwise go to waste, and its supply-chain partners are largely women-owned or run and pay fair wages. Even better, Pairess donates 1 percent of its sales year-round to organizations that help empower girls, like Step Up and Gyrl Wonder, and periodically makes larger donations—for example, donating 30 percent of the net proceeds from the launch of the Patsy pants this past fall.” —Aura Davies, deputy editor




“Of all there is to be frustrated about with the COVID-19 crisis, the lack of support for Los Angeles’s most in-need COVID-positive residents is among the most baffling. As of right now, there is no government-funded system for providing the basics that are essential to recovery: thermometers, electrolyte-rich liquids, even OTC fever-reducers. To fill the void, five concerned people started Pep Packs. These hand-assembled and volunteer-delivered (contactless, of course) care packages include the aforementioned basics, plus a pulse oximeter, hand sanitizer, and more. (Food deliveries and hotel credits for safe isolation are in the works.) While praise is great, what they really need to keep going—they receive around fifty requests a day—are donations.” —Kate Wolfson, VP of content




“I prefer to buy personal-care products from companies that take sustainability and clean ingredients seriously. Attn: Grace is a great example. It makes super soft biodegradable wipes, panty liners, pads, and highly absorbent briefs. A few examples of its commitment to sustainability: 100 percent biobased top and back sheets, sustainably forested chlorine-free wood pulp in the absorptive core, mailers made from postconsumer waste, ‘plastic’ bags made from mostly biobased materials. Attn: Grace targets bladder leaks, but I think that women will find these well-made products useful for other purposes.” —Gerda Endemann, senior director, science and research

PANTY LINERS, Attn: Grace, $12



“I don’t have a dog, but I’m good friends with a golden retriever named Gnarly. His luscious locks are the same color I pay a talented woman good money to highlight mine. Recently, I hung around while Gnarly got a bath, and I discovered what makes him such a Furrah Fawcett. It’s his admirable coat-care routine: This dog uses fur wash and coat shimmer (a mica-based product made to ‘brighten up your daily sidewalk sashay’) by Rowan, a female-founded company that makes coat-care products without sulfates, silicones, parabens, or dyes. I borrowed the coat refresh spray to see if my cat—a hunter and gatherer of dirt and leaves who might identify as canine—would be down for a refresh, since she’s not down for a bath. The coconut-scented spritz gave her a little extra cat sass: She’s been really feeling herself ever since. So it turns out Rowan works for puddle enthusiasts and water-wary pets alike.” —Sarah Carr, associate editor

THE FUR BUNDLE, Rowan, $60



“I am obsessed with the Immunity Potion from Drought Juice—founded and operated by four sisters from Detroit (sister goals!). Now more than ever, I have been trying to support my immune system however I can. The potion is made with organic apple, lemon, ginger, ground turmeric, cayenne pepper, and wild-crafted oregano oil, and it comes in a bulk carton situation. I’ve incorporated a nightly shot into my routine—it’s so easy to dispense, and there are about twenty-five shots in the carton. Needless to say, this godsend is on my reorder list for the foreseeable future.” —Molly Kalinsky, senior manager, brand partnerships and marketing




“Bestselling authors and Elle magazine astrologers Ophira and Tali Edut, aka the AstroTwins, put out a book of horoscopes for the coming year every January, and if you’ve never gotten one, know that 2021’s is especially good. (Yes, they are in fact twins, both of them intuitive to an incredible degree—Elizabeth Gilbert calls them ‘a walking pair of wisdom adventurers.’) Beautifully written, funny, and satisfyingly thorough, the book goes sign by sign, with insights into everything from career moves and love life to kids, wellness, money—everything.” —Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director




“My goal for 2021 is to continue to shop small and support women-owned businesses whenever possible. I recently discovered the brand glōu, a sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand, and I’ve been living in the 100 percent upcycled cotton twill Miki Overalls. I wear them lounging around the house, walking my dog, and on quick trips to the grocery store. I also snagged a pack of the face coverings—they come in super cute colors, and I love that they’re double-layered with 100 percent cotton rayon.” —Alexis Antoniadis, social media manager

MIKI OVERALLS, glōu, $135



“I get particularly violent hangovers, so I find the rise of nonalcoholic spirits thrilling: You get something grown-up and complex to drink without the potential next-day fallout. Lately, I’ve been really into Rasasvada, a line of ‘spirit restoratives’ formulated with plant-based functional ingredients. You can mix them into cocktails with alcohol if you want, but they stand alone beautifully, too. I do both: I start with the gorgeous black ginger blend—it’s made with burdock root, cardamom, and meshima and reishi mushrooms—and shake it into just one gin-based Aphrodite before I drop the gin, replace it with tonic water, and let the Rasasvada spirit shine. It’s so good. And the brand has about a zillion other recipes on its website for alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails that I’m dying to try.” —Kelly Martin, associate editor

BLACK GINGER 750 ML BOTTLE, Rasasvada, $75



“We’re reading The Orchard for February’s goop Book Club. It’s a big, ambitious coming-of-age story. I love how intimately the author explores what it feels like to be young, to fall for someone the first time, to have burning intellectual desires, to search for meaning. The novel’s main character, a high schooler named Ari Eden, moves from an Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn to a flashy suburb outside of Miami, where he gets into some interesting trouble. His world was unfamiliar and exciting to me, but it also reminded me of the deeply familiar emotions, beliefs, and relationships that shape us as we try to become adults.” —Kiki Koroshetz, wellness director




“If you’re pregnant or hunting for the best present ever for a pregnant friend, coworker, or family member: Bump Bestie. Founded by LA-based single mom Molly Pross, it’s a prepping-for-baby service that basically does whatever you don’t have time to do, aren’t jazzed to do, or need expert advice on. Dreaming of a totally green, clean nursery? Pross will research the best crib mattress made without flame retardants. Stumped over which stroller to pull the trigger on? Pross can weigh the pros and cons of different models. Fine-tuning your registry (or creating one)? Yup, that’s Pross, too. I also love that she offers affordable twenty-minute ask-me-anything calls to clients, because sometimes you just have one or two questions that you wish an expert could materialize to answer. So genius.”
—Megan O’Neill, senior beauty editor




“A friend recently introduced me to a new service called Altyr, which is an online platform that curates healers in different modalities whom you can book for virtual sessions (and one day, IRL sessions, too). It launched in October 2020 and aims to solve the age-old issue of discoverability in the holistic wellness space by doing some of the legwork for you. The Altyr team finds and vets amazing practitioners who offer healing treatments—like sound baths, oracle readings, yoga nidra—and gathers them together on one easy-to-navigate site. I did a session that combined an intuitive reading and guided meditation with some energy healing and breathwork. It was a little bit of everything I needed, and it blew me away.” —Cait Moore, senior programming manager




“The last big trip I went on before COVID-19 descended like a thunderclap on our lives was a plane-helicopter-and-Land-Cruiser expedition through Botswana’s unspoiled Okavango Delta with Wilderness Safaris. (One word: incredible.) As top-notch guide Letsogile Kamogelo safely shepherded us across plains filled with elephants, through thick bush flecked with snoozing lions, and under canopies of baboon-packed trees, I felt my jaw unclench. Nowadays, I’m trying to channel that level of chill via regular check-ins with safari livestreams. To work from home to the soundtrack of the savanna is immensely soothing. Plus, it’s a reminder of the big, beautiful world that’s still out there.”
—Rachael McKeon, travel editor

WILDERNESS SAFARIS, price upon request



“Professional athletes, marathon runners, and ballerinas have some advice for those of us crunched behind our computers: assisted isolation stretching. It’s based on a technique popularized in the ’90s known as active isolated stretching, developed by kinesiologist Aaron Mattes to help increase range of motion and flexibility, reduce soreness and stiffness, and alleviate joint stress. It also feels absolutely fantastic, as I discovered on my recent trip to Stretch*d in New York (after fifty-five minutes, I felt like a new person). The studio does limited in-person sessions and in-home or virtual appointments. Elsewhere, goop-favorite licensed massage therapist Peter Charles works one-on-one with clients worldwide, both in person and virtually. And StretchSource in Boonton, New Jersey, offers both group classes and private sessions—all virtual for now.” —Brianna Peters, assistant beauty editor

55-MINUTE FLEX*D SESSION, Stretch*d, from $105



“My goop shop history—a greater archival document than any diary I could ever keep—is filled with small indulgences I have purchased only minutes after reading (or hearing) a rave review of something from Megan or Jean. No regrets. The latest is the towel from Crown Affair, a luxe microfiber waffle hair towel that actually fits all of my hair and somehow does it without any uncomfortable tugging. Plus, it’s soft and it leaves my hair soft. 10/10 would recommend. I will take this moment to confess that if I have my Zoom camera turned off during a meeting, it’s probably because the towel is still on my head and I refuse to remove it.” —Jessie Geoffray, senior editor


We hope you enjoy the products recommended here. Our goal is to suggest only things we love and think you might, as well. We also like transparency, so, full disclosure: We may collect a share of sales or other compensation if you purchase through the external links on this page.