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Aphina Arouse Me Libido ElixirAphina Arouse Me Libido Elixir
Tastes like cherries.
Molly J. Big Box Botanical Chill GumdropsMolly J. Big Box Botanical Chill Gumdrops
Gumdrops that match your cool, easy energy.
UDEA The Mood PillUDEA The Mood Pill
UDEAThe Mood Pill
Botanical za-za-zoom.
Gumdrops that match your cool, easy energy.Sold Out
Acid LeagueLiving Tonics Taster Set
Upgrade your ACV.Sold Out

Wellness Foods and Drinks

Along with other wellness practices that nurture the body, good nutrition provides a solid foundation for a healthy life. You know the basics: Fill your plate with what nourishes you and feels good in your body. If you’d like to do a little more, consider foods that can provide additional support.

Picking Healthy Drinks and Snacks
Whether you’re looking to replace your morning cup of coffee with matcha, herbal tea, or a turmeric latte—or simply add new flavors and benefits to your daily routine—you can pick something frothy and delicious from our food and drinks shop. If you haven’t heard, there’s a bit of an alt-coffee revolution going on, and the coffee alternatives coming out now are just as satisfying as the oat milk latte you get at your favorite café. Plus: protein powders and smoothie mix-ins that give your breakfast an extra boost, if you’re going that direction.

How to Use Nonalcoholic Spirits
Alcohol tolerance changes with age, and over time you may find yourself less inclined to go for thirds (or even seconds) to escape the more unpleasant consequences of too many cocktails. So if you aren’t drinking for whatever reason, alcohol alternatives with functional ingredients make for happy hour mocktails and late-night nightcaps that feel as grown-up as the real thing. Start with our nonalcoholic drink recipes or freestyle it with ingredients you already have in the kitchen.